Parkland reignites fight for gun control

editorial cartoon by Adonis Borer
editorial cartoon by Adonis Borer

In the wake of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, two weeks ago, many of the students who attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are speaking out on how gun control laws must be reformed to avoid such tragedies in the future.

Survivors of the massacre have emerged to be the faces of the most recent fight for gun control. These are the kind of young activists we need in order to evoke change and make our nation and the schools in it a safer place.

In the days following the shooting, the students and parents of victims grilled members of Congress and a representative of the National Rifle Association in a town hall meeting broadcasted by CNN.
Cameron Kasky, Parkland shooting survivor, asked Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida to stop accepting donations from the NRA.

Emma Gonzalez, Parkland shooting survivor, asked NRA representative Dana Loesch if the NRA would consider stricter regulations on semi-automatic weapons and bump stocks.

Hearing their stories and how passionate they are is refreshing. They have become the new face for the fight to end these types of crimes against unarmed kids and educators.

This is an issue that affects the whole country. Students at ULV and residents of the surrounding communities should get involved in creating change.

These high school students brought the issue to the forefront and now government officials who maintain pro-gun stances see the efforts as radical and a cry for attention.

The pro-gun right wing has gone as far as to attack the students on social media, accusing them of being planted “crisis actors.”

The Parkland students need more support to keep the fight moving along. With more proactivity in identifying and detaining potential mass shooting suspects, more students should adapt that fearless leader mindset of the Floridians and combat pro-gun laws before another massacre occurs and more lives are taken.

Local communities and students need to put pressure on local lawmakers to facilitate change. The more voices this fight has, the greater chance we have to finally end gun violence in schools across the country.

For students and people who are interested in voicing their opinion to local law makers and people who can advocate for change can visit

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