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Artists sell pieces to feed mind, body and soul

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Hailey Helms
Staff Writer

Artists of various media gathered at the Claremont Art Walk to showcase their work to the community Saturday in the Claremont Village. The monthly event gives guests the opportunity to eat, visit art galleries and purchase work from local artists. 

“Being able to showcase my work on a monthly basis means a lot to me,” 26-year-old Rancho Cucamonga resident Monica Adrian said. 

Adrian’s acrylic paintings depicted brightly colored mermaids, women with horns and other creatures with human and animal features.

Another artist, Gloria Duran, has been attending the Claremont Art Walk for four years. She is the owner of 4 Spoiled Brats Bows and creates bows in all different shapes, sizes and colors to sell. Duran began making the bows to support her daughter. 

“My daughter, at 5 years old, was diagnosed with stage three kidney cancer and she lost her hair,” Duran said. “She hated being referred to as a boy, so I started making elastic headbands and putting the bows on her.” 

She said making the bows became therapeutic for her. Once others noticed her work, she began to get more requests than she originally had anticipated.

“Twenty bows went to 600-plus bows now, and it’s still therapeutic for me,” Duran said. “I like what I do. I don’t really consider it a job, I consider it a hobby.” 

The art walk also gives artists an opportunity to interact in a small community setting. 

“I’ve done this one a couple times because I like the small hometown feel,” Mark Etchart, 55, owner of Rozella ImageWorks from Rancho Cucamonga, said.

After being a sales and business man and retiring from Starbucks, Etchart was able to focus on his photography. 

Etchart has participated in art walks all over Los Angeles, but continues to come to the Claremont Art Walk because of the positive feeling it gives him while showcasing his work. He said although he is a businessman at the Art Walk, he is still a photographer first. 

“You’re selling something that’s actually of value to someone,” Etchart said. “It’s a win-win.” 

Los Angeles based writer, Jim Peronto shared an in depth conversation with Etchart about his love for photography and talked about some of Etchart’s photos before Peronto purchased some. 

“I came down here to have lunch and I happened to come upon the art walk and came across Mark who I think takes some great pictures,” Peronto said. “I was attracted to this walk because it is a beautiful place. It’s a beautiful day and I thought I’d buy some nice pictures.” 

The Claremont Art Walk will return to downtown Claremont on May 5.

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