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Dynamite Dawson rocks Leo Lineup

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Hailey Helms
Staff Writer

About 10 students and members of the La Verne community popped in and out of the first floor of the Campus Center Wednesday night for the Leo Lineup to enjoy music from the band Dynamite Dawson.

The local group consists of guitarists and vocalists Hai Muradian, Patrick Naish and Martie Echito, who specialize in performing acoustic music from 1950s through the 1980s.

The three were originally in a rock band called the Ravelers before forming their own group 30 years ago.

They formed their band to focus on what they were passionate about as a group.

“We’re still doing some great stuff by the Beatles and Crosby, Stills and Nash,” Muradian said. “These are all bands that we loved to listen to growing up and now we get to emulate them.”

Although the three musicians have performed on campus before as part of other acts, this was the first time they have done so as Dynamite Dawson.

They said they had high hopes that students would enjoy their set.

“We really want some of the college kids to see what we’re doing,” Muradian said.

Muradian discussed his love for the ULV community and how he used to hang out on the campus in the 1960s because he had friends who attended.

He said he has performed solo in Morgan Auditorium before it even got its current name.

“This has been just a real treat for me to come back here and even though I never went to school here, it’s nice to come back and be able to perform,” Muradian said.

The Leo Lineup is free and open to all students at La Verne, and some have attended multiple performances since its debut this year.

“I emcee most of them, so I’ll introduce the band that’s going to be playing and then I’ll stick around and just enjoy the music,” junior biology major and member of Information Services at the Campus Center, Alliyah Garcia said.

“There’s been many different genres and it is always a good time.”

Garcia said it is a great way to relax and it has the potential to become a new tradition to attend in the performances in the Campus Center.

Students who have never been to the Leo Lineup attended with high expectations due to the positive reviews about previous performances.

“I’ve never been to Leo Lineup but I’ve heard really good things about it, so I’m really excited to hear the music since I really like it,” sophomore child development major Kat Fischmann said.

This weekly events is organized by the Campus Center staff with a goal to bring together not only students, but everyone in the La Verne community.

“We wanted to have Leo Lineup just so we can help the University engage with the community,” junior business administration major and Campus Center Information and Services lead Sabrina Carrera said.

“So some of the bands that we’ve used are local bands from La Verne area or just the surrounding cities.”

The Campus Center staff is fond of the positive vibes between the La Verne community during Leo Lineup and enjoy witnessing people of all kinds come together.

“It’s just nice because they can also bring in their own crowd too,” Carrera said. “So those community people get to interact with our university students and that’s pretty cool.”

Carrera said she would encourage students to come to Leo Lineup because it’s a great way of interacting with our community and getting to know other people.

“It could potentially be a good networking opportunity because you never know who you’re going to meet,” Carrera said.

The events has continued to grow in popularity every week.

“Even though I came to the Campus Center for a different event, I’m glad I decided to stop by,” freshman kinesiology major Emily Nagengast said. “Since I am commuter, I appreciate events like this because it gives me a chance to be involved and spend time with my friends.”

Dynamite Dawson ended their set with covers of songs by the Eagles and Stevie Wonder, receiving cheers from the audience.

“I like that this band is playing live instruments,” Garcia said. “I really appreciate live instruments like that and I like the oldies and they’re touching on the oldies, which is really nice.”

The next Leo Lineup performer will be DJ ErickM at 10 p.m. Wednesday

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