Kimonos blossom into spring trend

Alyssa Noriega, junior business administration major, wears a white, laced up tank top from Nordstrom, ripped blue jeans from Top Shop, a pink, floral kimono from Forever 21, and wooden, chunky heels from Amazon. She is also wearing rose gold sunglasses from Nordstrom, gold bracelets from Alex and Ani and silver, studded earrings from Nordstrom. Noriega has worked for a year as a logistics worker at Nordstrom. As a child, she took fashion design classes in an after-school program. She said she likes to herself through fashion. When she saw the job opening for Nordstrom she applied, thinking it would be a perfect match. / photo by Celeste Drake

Paulina Wartman
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April showers bring May flowers and denim on denim. The warmth of the new spring season is permitting some new spring trends to blossom. 

Stores like Nordstrom have seen denim and floral prints fly off the shelves this season. 

“Denim is really making a comeback in this spring’s issue look book,” Alyssa Noriega, junior business major and logistics worker at Nordstrom said. “I’m seeing a lot of floral prints as well as fruit prints selling as well in time for the Easter season.”

Noriega says that, as a logistics worker, she takes care of online orders and store pickups. 

She said ripped jeans and worn clothing have been growing in popularity this spring.

“Ripped jeans are a big thing this season. Anything that looks ripped and tattered giving people that worn and casual look is really popular right now,” Noriega said.

People have also been wearing items like multi-colored garments, kimonos, nonprescription glasses and 1990s style chokers, Noriega said.

“My advice is to buy one statement piece of clothing, whether it’s bright lipstick, a piece of jewelry or bright shoes to invest in and work it into your everyday outfits,” Noriega said.

Noriega said that the younger crowd tends to have the upper-hand when it comes to shopping online.

“We have been getting a lot more online shoppers, typically a younger demographic, ages 18-25. Typically, older people in need of assistance or business people in need of proper fittings come in store,” Noriega said. 

Stores like Target or smaller shops such as G Stage or Styles for Less sell a lot of look-alike pieces that resemble high-end fashion. 

Pairing the right statement piece can really step up an outfit while still going easy on the college student budget. 

“Ross sells a lot of name brand styles for a fraction of the price,” said Jasmine Jancun, sophomore criminology major and sales associate at Ross. 

“I dress well on a budget by always shopping at Ross and on clearance racks because they have the latest trends and designer big brands that you’ll find at more expensive stores. You just have to have the patience to look and you’ll find something,” she said. 

Cynthia Vasquez, sophomore business administration major, sais she gets a lot of her fashion inspiration from YouTubers and Instagram influencers like Desi Perkins, Claudia Sulewski and Sierra Furtado.

“I stay on budget by getting versatile pieces that I can wear different ways. I also wait for deals and sales to get discounts as well as using the app UNiDAYS which gives discounts to college students,” Vasquez said. “My favorite trends this season are wrap tops and palazzo pants.”

Hailey Bloomstone is a retail employee at Tilly’s in Glendora and an apparel merchandising and management major with an emphasis in retail at Cal Poly Pomona. 

“As a sales driver, I have noticed various trends in the store that I work at. Men tend to prefer a skinny fit jean (light wash or black) with colorful or eye catching graphic t-shirts,” Bloomstone said.

“Men’s Dickies and chino pants are also popular. Women are leaning towards tube tops and loose flare pants. In addition, women are also drifting towards old school vans and slip on vans. Athletic shoe wear is popular as well. My personal favorite is overalls. They’re fun and an easy outfit,” she said.

She said that another popular trend is mini backpacks.

To stay on a college student’s budget and still dress fashionably, Bloomstone recommends Cotton On, Marshall’s TJ Maxx, and Ross. 

“Office priced department stores still carry designer brands for a reasonable price,” Bloomstone said. “If the consumer doesn’t mind second hand clothes, then they could even go thrift shopping. Thrift shopping can lead to the discovery of vintage pieces for an amazing price.”

She specializes in finding items that sell quickly each season and making them accessible to the customer. She said that athletic wear and shoes like Vans, Adidas, and Nike are popular.

“Monochromatic garments are extremely popular at the moment. 1970s influences are still present, along with modern day twists on 1980s and early 1990s,” Bloomstone said. 

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