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Democrats are armed and ready to take to fill voting polls June 5 to make sure California stays blue and anti-Trump.

The California primaries are just two weeks away and it is time to vote in a new governor, secretary of state, attorney general and the house of representatives.

Most California citizens do not vote in this election because they may not see it as important as voting for something like the presidency, and propositions, but Californians need to see and understand the how important their vote actually is.

Voters have the know that they have the true control on how they want their state and federal government ran.

With so many new residents each year searching for the “California dream,” the state has become a huge melting pot of political views.

The primaries play a larger role in the nation than most voters may know.

Most of California seems to be Democratic and there are hundreds of candidates running for 53 seats in the House. In order for Democrats to fully take lead, they need 24 of those seats in the House.

Voters can make this change happen by actually getting out to vote, and making sure reliable and forward thinking Democratic representatives are voted into office.

Relying on others to vote and hoping for the best is a bad habit that needs to be broken.

California residents can register to vote any time of the year, but in order to vote in any election, a resident must register a minimum of 15 days before the election.

The deadline for registration was Monday.

The website gives information on everything that needs to be known before an election like political parties, ballot measures and voter registry instructions.

With more educated voters, the most reliable and reasonable candidates can be appointed to office.

This would not only benefit the state, but if nationwide elections had more educated voters, only the most qualified officials would be elected.

The state will bid adieu to Gov. Jerry Brown as former mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa and current Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom are among the dozens of candidates running for the position.

Some recent surveys have shown that Newsom has a favorable lead against Villaraigosa.

The site also offers a list of all the counties in the state and their corresponding voter offices.

Voters can visit if they are registered in Los Angeles County to vote.

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