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Food, music explore Latinx culture

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Jocelyn Arceo
Arts Editor

The University held a series of events on campus to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Roughly 100 people attended the Exploring Latinx Culture through Food and Music event Wednesday in Sneaky Park.

There were multiple booths set up by the Multicultural Club, the Language and Culture Club and the Campus Activities Board.

In addition to the booths, there was a food truck serving Mexican dishes like churros and carne asada fries.

“This event specifically, was to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and Latinx cultures,” said Danyelle Jacob, sophomore CAB multicultural chairwoman.

“It’s to spread the word of the culture, to honor and to celebrate.”

The Multicultural Club discussed what they were doing to help celebrate different cultures, while at the same time educating others on the mix of different cultures around campus.

“It seems like [the University] is a predominantly white institution and it is serving mostly white students,” said Yulvi Reyes-Solorio, sophomore Spanish major and Multicultural Club member.

“We are here just to provide a space for students to understand culture and to be culturally aware.”

“We do want to make sure that you [students] understand that culture is important.”

The Multicultural Club is always accepting new members and interested students.

They plan on hosting events in the upcoming months, such as an event on witchcraft in October and Asian culture and appropriation as a trend in November, Reyes-Solorio said.

The club is also planning a voting event in October.

Reyes-Solorio described the event as a “Get Out and Vote” event, hoping to educate students on why they should go out and vote, especially during midterm elections.

“The more students become civically engaged, the more they will want to engage with things on campus,” Reyes-Solorio said.

Another club present at the event was the Language and Culture Club, which was created this semester.

“We do events based on language and culture,” Yutato Yamaguchi, sophomore business major said.

“Last week we had game nights in different languages like Japanese, Spanish and sometimes French.”

Because the club is so new, the members are still planning events.

Some ideas Yamaguchi mentioned were karaoke nights, and an international fashion night where they plan to dress in the traditional clothing of different cultures and walk a runway.

“We are still figuring it out and getting more people to join so come join us,” Yamaguchi said.

40 students lined up at the food truck and sat amongst each other on the lawn at the start of the event.

“Our main goal and purpose is to make sure everybody feels like they truly belong at the University,” Angela Romo, sophomore Multicultural Club member, said.

Hispanic heritage events will continue throughout the month.

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