Barre Element heats up workout

Layla Abbas 
LV Life Editor 

Barre Element, a boutique fitness studio located on Foothill Boulevard, offers low impact classes with a touch of cardio. 

Barre classes mix an element of pilates, dance, yoga and functional training all in one 60-minute class.

For $15 I participated in my first barre class and I can assure you I have never broke a sweat as fast as I did during the warm-up session at the start of class.

As a first timer at barre, I was instantly put at ease when I first entered the warmly decorated studio that gave off vibes of a small town boutique with an intense workout twist.

The staff was genuinely caring and quick to learn my name, allowing my nerves to slowly disappear.

When you first enter the studio, you will see a flashy chandelier hanging over the front desk which is across from a group of white storage boxes for personal belongings.

Next to the boxes is a section with a decent sized selection of tank tops, leggings and grip socks for fair prices averaging $16 to $30.

Once I entered the workout space, I was greeted by a ballet bar against the wall and two full length mirrors. 

The back part of the room has a board clearly labeled with what props you will need for the workout, making the process of grabbing the items efficient.

I grabbed a strap, ball, mat and weights and took a seat near the front of the room, because I was told that is the best spot to see the instructor through both mirrors.

The class, called barre on their website, attracted approximately 10 people. 

The smaller atmosphere made me feel more at ease, and everyone was very welcoming.

After the warm up, we moved into working with the bar and this included some ballet moves like pirouettes and plies. The instructor made sure to walk around and give us pointers (literally) along the way.

After the main part of the barre workout, we ended with a stretching and floor workout component.

The instructor, Ci’ Monique, made the process enjoyable and easy to follow. She was descriptive in her actions and always offered alternatives if you could not execute the task at hand.

I never felt completely lost throughout the workout which was my biggest fear coming into the class.

Barre Element offers a variety of classes like yoga and barre, barre boxing, circuit pilates, PiYo, stretch and restore, and fusion classes.

I recommend arriving to the class with grip socks or be prepared to purchase socks at the studio if you do not want to wear loaner socks they provide.

Although it can be fairly expensive for a typical college student’s budget, they offer a five class pack for $90 to start off. If you want to purchase a day pass it is $30.

I would recommend attending a barre class at Barre Element. I left the class feeling exhausted but at the same time relaxed and motivated. For more information visit

Layla Abbas can be reached at

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