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Creators get 7 minutes to show work

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Arianna Rodriguez
Staff Writer 

Seven artists had seven minutes to present their art and demonstrate their talents in front of an audience at the dA Center for the Arts in Pomona on Sunday.

The dA Center for the Arts is an open gallery with different mediums of art displayed all across the walls. The event titled “7×7.”

All art displayed came from community artists. 

These artists were able to bring life and color into the studio through their unique pieces.

As one walked in, around 30 people could be seen focusing on a female aerialist performing aerial acrobatics on a ring suspended from the ceiling. 

The act was something unexpected to the audience, but made the energy of the exhibit that much more exciting. 

It left the audience eager to see what else was in store from the other artists throughout the night.

The lights in the center of the room were shut off, with sunlight beaming through the windows and filling the whole gallery with natural light. 

Margaret Sosa and her daughter Maricella Sosa, both local artists, presented their pieces that embraced their Hispanic culture.

Different patterns of Papel Picado, a colorful tissue paper that has elaborate cut-out designs on it, was shown by Margaret Sosa.

“I’ve learned a lot from my mother growing up and watching her do this, and that’s how it all started,” Maricella Sosa said. 

Maricella Sosa showed a colorful ofrenda that came from a traditional Mexican celebration for Dia de Los Muertos, which was an altar that was used to display objects that represented passed loved ones. 

The holiday is celebrated on Nov. 2. 

“It’s a wonderful feeling having everyone look at our pieces and enjoying our hard work. I enjoyed displaying our Mexican culture for everyone to see,” Maricella Sosa said.

Local artist Carrie Young from Scripps College embraced her talent by demonstrating an encaustic painting, which involved fire torching beeswax as a base on a canvas while applying colored pigments to the mix. 

The result was interesting to see as the colors on the canvas would change when fire was applied to it.

“Encaustic is something really nice to show here because not a lot of people recognize this type of method.” Young said.

Young is an intern at the center and loves that she can easily express herself here, she said.

The audience looked amazed throughout the presentations with faces full of awe and “ooh-ahs” heard from afar. 

“I have to say I have a whole appreciation for the art community and am happy to see shows like this exist for people to see other people’s talents,” visitor Grace Orozco of La Verne said. 

Pieces such as handy woodwork, a creative moving art demonstration and a display of impeccable cake designs were all shown. 

“There are all really imaginative artists and I chose these artists to give different lenses of art to the community,” curator Michelle Garcia said. 

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