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Movie Review: Cooper and Gaga deliver stellar performances

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Emily J. Sullivan
Staff Writer

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga make a grandiose splash onto the big screen for the fourth remake of “A Star Is Born.”

Superstar musician Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper, stumbles upon struggling artist Ally, played by Lady Gaga, and is instantly intrigued by her obvious talent.

She had accepted an ordinary fate, convinced she wasn’t likely to make it big as a singer. Because of Jack, Ally finally realizes her ability to reach her potential as a musician.

The two fall in love, unfolding a deeply emotional story, with multiple layers.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga do a great job at debuting their lesser known talents in this film.

Critics, talk show hosts and fellow actors will not stop talking about Cooper’s first ever debut at directing credit and performance as a singer within this film.

Cooper’s character, Jackson Maine, was the kind of person that the audience did not tackle light heartedly.

Cooper’s musical abilities made him seem as though he was a natural choice for the role, although I don’t think anyone else knew it yet.

Cooper seems to absorb Maine’s inner demons as his own, with his performance coming across as genuine, authentic and phenomenally heart-wrenching, there was no way he did not felt each and every line of every scene in his very core.

Lady Gaga, already setting off an Oscar buzz for her big screen debut, delivers a vulnerable, endearing and sincere performance as singer and Maine’s love-interest Ally.

It came as no surprise that Gaga wowed audiences with her vocals – the goosebumps after watching her in action were not from the movie theater AC.

The natural acting ability did however seem to catch critics and audiences off-guard. Gaga’s performance as Ally, as well as her contributions to the film’s soundtrack, will be the act to beat at the upcoming Golden Globes and Academy Awards, where the film is expected to be nominated in multiple categories.

The film is the fourth in a series of “A Star Is Born” remakes that has spanned across nearly a century, with the first one premiering in 1937.

Stars such as Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand have all tackled the female lead role like Gaga does in the current rendition of the timeless love story.

Fredric March, James Mason and Kris Kristofferson have all performed the male lead as does Bradley Cooper, each offering their own take on the character.

The movie has evolved in each rendition, adapting the characters and script to the generation they are living in, but the story itself transcends time and era.

The film’s soundtrack is filled with all original music, 34 tracks, about half of which are dialogue tracks mixed throughout the original songs.

Gaga has writing credits on each of the songs, some performed by herself, some performed as duets with Cooper and some featuring Cooper alone.

The chemistry between the two as actors can be easily seen, but the chemistry they have together as musicians can be heard and felt in their raw delivery of each song.

The film is expected to take home the best original soundtrack this upcoming awards season, and it is easy to understand why.

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