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Music Review: ‘Kamikaze’ gives fans vintage Shady

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Mark Acosta 
Editor in Chief 

Nearly a year after releasing “Revival,” the worst studio album of his career, Eminem’s latest project “Kamikaze” gives fans some of the old Marshall Mathers.

The 45-year-old rapper listened to critics and all the negative feedback on “Revival” to fuel “Kamikaze.” The name and cover let’s the audience know what Eminem was trying to do with this album. 

Not only was he trying to make up for the flop of Revival, but also let everyone know he does not care about what people think of his music.

Kamikaze came out on Aug. 31, and as the title alludes, Eminem explodes with some great rhyme schemes over traditional boom bap beats produced by S1, Mike Will Made It and more. 

Eminem makes many references throughout the project about the criticisms of his last album. 

In the opening track “The Ringer” Em goes full-on attack mode as he takes aim at critics and other rappers. He name drops throughout the track but the most notable are Lil Yachty, Lil Pump, Mike Pence and Charlemagne The God.

From there, the rest of the album is both informative and enjoyable. Shady teams up with Joyner Lucas-who undoubtedly was influenced by Em on the track “Lucky You.” 

Shady opens up and tells the audience that he took a loss on his last album, and that “hurt him like hell, but he is back up on these rappers.” 

Later on, day one fans got some closure on the D12 situation with the song “Stepping Stone.”

In the latter half of the record, Em teams up with long-time friend Royce Da 5’9 to clown the auto-tuned rappers of this generation over a trap beat. 

When you get to the track “Fall,” Eminem again references critiques of his work and himself as an MC. 

“Everybody’s been telling me what they think about me for the last few months,” Shady said. “Maybe it’s time I tell them what I think about them.”

As the album comes to a close, we get the song “Venom,” from the upcoming superhero motion picture. The track is gritty with great wordplay and a nice beat to hold it together.

“Kamikaze” is not Eminem’s best work, but it is a very solid project from the greatest-selling rapper of all-time. I think the album could have cut a few songs, and still have been just as powerful. But getting music from Eminem is always a treat and not having any notice of this release made it that much better. 

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