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Music Review: Two dead artists with one new single

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Jocelyn Arceo
Arts Editor 

The estate of deceased rapper Lil Peep released a new single, “Falling Down,” featuring recently deceased rapper XXXtentacion, last month. 

The song was introduced as a snippet in August, but was taken down due to backlash by fans of Lil Peep who did not agree with the collaboration of the two artists. 

The discourse surrounding the release was due to the fact that the two artists had no ties to each other when they were alive.

When alive, XXXtentacion was exposed as an abuser, having allegations against him of beating his pregnant girlfriend. 

The charges against him were dropped after his death. 

However, when alive, Lil Peep was known to speak out against problematic musicians, having tweeted on multiple occasions that fans should do their research on the artists they support. He did not support homophobic, rapist and racist rappers, according to his tweets. 

Yet, the estate still released the full song on Sept. 19. 

Listening to the song, you can hear Lil Peep and XXXtentacion singing about how things do not feel the same while watching the rain as it falls down. 

About two minutes in, there is a spoken interlude by XXXtentacion in which he says he wishes he knew Lil Peep before he died. 

“If I would have known he was so cool, if I would have watched interviews sooner, bro, we were so alike. It’s unfortunate when people die, that’s when we… it always kind of makes you check them out.”

Any fan of Peep would enjoy the song, but it leaves the fans who were disheartened at the first snippet from August even more discouraged after first listen.

XXXtentacion explicitly states in the song that he did not know Lil Peep before he died. According to him, he finally began checking out who Lil Peep was only after he heard of his death.

So, if the two had no connection while alive, why was a collaboration still dropped? 

It is easy enough to enjoy the song, ignoring the problem for a good beat. The song is well done, but still leaves one feeling uncomfortable after hearing XXXtentacion’s words. 

I truly believe that “Falling Down” would have lived up to the expectations of Lil Peep’s fans. However, the song just does not sit right once realizing how little creative control he seemed to have. 

From what Lil Peep would tweet in regards to researching our favorite artists, one could only assume he would not have gone through with a collaboration with an exposed abuser. 

The song may be catchy and appealing upon first play, but from speculation alone, it does not seem to be something ever discussed with Lil Peep. 

As good as the song may be, it still leaves me, as a Lil Peep fan, uncomfortable to hear. 

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