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Restaurant Review: Sol Flower provides sweet treats, boba

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Jocelyn Arceo
Arts Editor

Upon entering the new Sol Flower café, a pink wall embellished with what seems to be hand-painted flamingos, toucans and foliage draws your eyes in immediately. 

Sol Flower, at 2320 Foothill Blvd. in La Verne, has been open for a month and a half as part of their soft opening with plans for a grand opening still in the works.

The menu consists of several different types of drinks to choose from such as flavored milk teas, various hot or iced teas, flavored sparkling drinks, coffee, and iced sea salt cream. 

As far as food, Sol Flower offers cheese breads, rice pudding and Belgium waffles. 

Rose gold light fixtures hung above six scattered dark brown tables with a wall adjacent to the register that was clad in fake vines, encircling their pink Sol Flower logo. 

According to the cashier, the jasmine milk tea, rose milk tea and honey milk tea are among the most popular drinks. 

She also offered samples of their rice pudding and cheese bread. 

I first taste tested the milk tea rice pudding, with Oreos on top. It tasted sweet, and the Oreos added a great touch. 

Guests have the choice of Oreos, Fruity Pebbles, boba and almond slices as toppings for the rice pudding. 

The drinks all come with the option of boba. 

I decided to buy the rose milk tea and the milk tea rice pudding instead of only sampling since it was so good. 

The wait did not take long and my order was brought to my table.

The milk tea rice pudding came in a heart shaped container with a miniature clear spoon, while the rose milk tea was baby pink and served with a pink straw that matched the walls. 

The rose milk tea was not nearly as sweet as I expected; all of my other tries at it have been overwhelming. 

The milk tea also had just enough of the rose flavor, not too much. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the tea; it may have been my favorite rose milk tea yet. 

The rice pudding was my favorite overall. The heart shaped container it came in completely won me over.

No other boba place I have visited previously offers those little details. The texture was constant throughout, with no hard rice or weird squish at any bite. 

The taste of tapioca was pleasant all around, and the Oreos on top really pulled it all together. I enjoyed my $10 snack, as the drink and the rice pudding complimented each other well. 

They have a wide menu with multiple options for everyone. 

Their prices range from $3.50 at the lowest and $7.25 at the highest.

With prices such as these, and the adorable pink setup inside, Sol Flower definitely deserves a try from everyone. 

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