Veterans Day deserves recognition

The University of La Verne should begin observing Veterans Day as an “off” day to allow students, faculty and staff to spend the day honoring those who have served in the military.

As the school invests in growing the resources available to veteran students, such as the Veteran Students Success Center, not observing Veterans Day is a disservice to the population on campus who have served or who have family who have served time in the military.

If the concern is that the semester cannot afford to miss an entire day of classes, the University could choose to make up that day at the beginning or end of the semester.

In fact, if the University were to give students the remainder of Thanksgiving week off from classes in addition to Veterans Day, the additional four days of class could be made up by adding an additional to week to either end of the semester.

The University has invested a lot into making veteran students feel welcomed on campus. It is strange for our institution to develop projects like the Veterans Success Center and in the same semester, keep classes in session, potentially preventing them from celebrating their achievements with their families.

Additionally many students have families who travel during the holidays, and for students whose families do not live locally, a four-day vacation home is difficult to justify the cost and effort of traveling. If students were to be given the entire week, then that would give them nine total days of travel time, which is much easier to accommodate and plan.

If the concern is that ULV has always been a passive institution, then it should be noted that Veterans Day is deeply associated with Armistice Day, which celebrates the end of World War I. Instead of observing Veterans Day, which could be construed as a political statement, the school could give students and veterans the day by observing a day that marked the end of a major world war.

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