Video Game Review: ‘Black Ops 4’ offers addicting new game play

Mark Acosta
Editor in Chief

The “Call of Duty” series is finally back after a hiatus of more than a year, this time with its newest release – “Black Ops 4.”

The last two “Call of Duty” releases – “Infinity War” and “World War II” – disappointed, but “Black Ops 4” brings new content and big changes to the award-winning series.

There are no spoilers, Treyarch, the developer behind “Call of Duty”, said changes in “Black Ops 4” would include vaulting the single-player campaign mode and adding the Blackout Battle Royale mode.

The removal of campaign mode was surprising given that it was a staple of the series, but Blackout is a better option that gives gamers a different option within the game than ever before.

“Call of Duty”’s Blackout is traditional 100-player free-for-all deathmatch, much like “Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds” or “Fortnite.”

There are some similarities between Blackout and PUBG, since they both fall into the Battle Royale category, but there are enough differences in graphic content, weaponry and the map layout to make it feel authentic, rather than a total rip-off of another game.

Treyarch did well to add this mode because of the popularity of “Fortnite” and the success of Battle Royale games in recent years.

Treyarch also added a nice touch to the Blackout mode, by inserting parts of old maps from previous “Call of Duty” releases in various parts throughout the map.

Some of the old favorites include Firing Range, Nuketown and Array, among others.

While Blackout is really fun, it leaves the player questioning how it will adapt?

Obviously, the game is still very new and the gameplay will keep things fresh for a while, but will the map be updated? Or will they change the map entirely?

Adding variety can prevent the game from becoming stale.

One of the reasons why “Fortnite” has been so successful is because the developers continuously update the map, skins and challenges featuring unique weapons and costumes to buy or earn.

“Black Ops 4” would help itself stay more relevant than its previous releases if developers continuously work to develop the game and the map.

Moving to the multiplayer portion, there are two new modes in “Black Ops 4.”

Control and Heist come to the lineup along with many of the traditional modes such as Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and Hardpoint.

In my opinion, theses are the best multiplayer modes the “Black Ops” franchise has seen “Black Ops 3”. It’s addicting to say the least.

Players are able to take more damage and survive longer now that the player’s health has been raised to 150, instead of 100.

Also, taking self-healing away changes game strategy and makes the game more team oriented, which I thought was great because it evens out the playing field even further.

One of the most exciting things about a new “Call of Duty” release is that we also get to see new maps in the Zombie mode.

There are three new maps included with “Black Ops 4,” with a fourth available via the season pass.

Having three maps gives gamers enough to work with in order to try to perfect strategies while conquering each map.

All three maps are very different, but equally as fun. But with that being said, my favorite was IX, which is colosseum-themed.

There is so much you can do within Zombies, there are new talismans and elixirs that help guide you through harder and harder waves.

You can also customize your character with a special weapon, which is very beneficial when you are in trouble with a hard hoard or a boss.

As a whole, I am really pleased with what Treyarch did in “Black Ops 4.”

The changes they made to the game make it much more playable and hard to put down.

There is something for everyone, whether it’s a solo Blackout game, a team-based multiplayer game mode or seeing how many rounds you can last in Zombies.

This is the best “Call of Duty” game that has come out in three years and I would give it a 9/10.

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