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Origami sprouts in Garden

Origami enthusiast Carol Stevens demonstrates how to fold an origami heart at the “Origami in the Garden” workshop event Sunday at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden in Claremont. She said correct size and paper shape are key. The Gardens are hosting an exhibit of giant colorful origami sculptures through March 9. / photo by Katelyn Keeling

Maydeen Merino
Staff Writer

The “Origami in the Garden” exhibit magnifies the small craft by featuring sculpted, colorful, metal sheets of the origami in a larger form.

The installation is on display now through April 14 at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens in Claremont.

The outdoor sculptures by Santa Fe artists Jennifer and Kevin Box are positioned throughout the 86-acre garden.

“Seeing artist’s work is really important and it does not always have to be in a formal area and such as this garden that is unique,” said origami teacher Gail Grande from Origami USA, a New York-based international non-profit that supports the paper folding art.

This garden not only holds large sculptures of origami, but it is also filled exclusively with California native plants.

“It is nice that these gardens exists, especially with native to California plants that are better for the environment,” said Samantha Danforth, a Cal Poly Pomona student, who attended the origami exhibit.

The gardens offer a self-guided audio tour of the exhibit, inviting guests to roam around the garden at their desired pace and learn more about the origami sculptures.

“People have few opportunities to see design, art, engineering, all come together in an elegant way,” said Bradley Tompkins, an Origami USA member and owner of “Invisible 2 Visible,” a Northridge-based creative marketing agency. “This garden demonstrates a nice synthesis between the elements of nature.”

The exhibit not only showcases the art by the Box artists, but it also adds an interactive aspect to it.

Available are booths that allow visitors to learn how to create their own origami artwork, taught by instructors who are members of Origami USA.

Each weekend members from the Origami USA group offers their help and insight on how to create one’s own origami artwork.

“This is an activity that is artistic, crafty… and something you can pick up quickly,” Tompkins said.

This origami art instillation will be open until April 14. On March 9, visitors will have the chance to meet the artists and creators of “Origami in the Garden,” Jennifer and Kevin Box.

For more information, visit rsabg.org.

Maydeen Merino can be reached at maydeen.merino@laverne.edu.

Maydeen Merino
Katelyn Keeling

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