We cannot deny climate change

Not too long ago Donald Trump said that he did not believe in climate change, but instead believes in weather. 

As of 2017, only 64 percent of Republicans in Congress said they believe in climate change, according to the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

This is an improvement from over three years ago, but it is not enough considering the mounds of scientific evidence showing climate change is not only a fact, but also far more urgent than previously thought. 

There is still public controversy over whether or not climate change is real, turning factual, scientific research into nothing more than politics, because, there is no denying that climate change is real. 

A large portion of the debate has to do with whether humans contribute to climate change. 

Some deniers argue that the melting ice caps, record heat – and cold snaps – catastrophic fires, and historic hurricanes are nothing more than just changes in weather. Others argue that the science behind it is far too uncertain. 

However, the scientific research on climate change finds that the climate on earth is affected by greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans. Numerous international scientific outlets have all come to similar conclusions regarding greenhouse gas emissions and humanity’s role.

Their conclusion states that humans are causing the rise in temperature all over the globe, and that the problem remains not only serious, but in dire need of major reform. 

With no reform, we are looking at an expected increase in temperature that could lead to severe droughts, extreme heat waves, catastrophic flooding, and a massive increase in poverty. 

Our president not only denied the existence of climate change as a whole, but he even denied a warning from his own administration cautioning more detrimental results than previously predicted.

Many politicians refuse to acknowledge the critical need for regulation in the area of climate change, due to their tendency to side with massive corporations, such as oil and energy companies. 

Climate change reform would mean corporations would have to shell out more money to not only change standards, but possibly risk losing business entirely should we ever move into only clean, renewable energy. Although their businesses may be at risk, the risk of losing our only home is more important than shareholder profits. 

The scientific knowledge of climate change has been proven through the research of 18 scientific associations like the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Geophysical Union and the American Meteorological Society. The international understanding of the climate crisis is a fact. There is no room for denial when it comes to scientific facts.

Climate change should have never been considered a political stance. Climate change is scientific research, and it always has been. 

We need to stop allowing political motives to rule over whether or not we save the planet, our only home available. There is simply no more denying the dire truth of climate change. 

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