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Crystal convention is a hidden gem

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The California Federation of Mineralogical Societies and Pasadena Lapidary Society (CFMS) hosted the 80th Annual Statewide Show and Convention at the Fairplex in Pomona last weekend.

CFMS, organized in 1936, aims to bring about a closer association of Clubs and Societies devoted to the study of Earth Sciences and the practice of Lapidary Arts and Crafts in the Western United States.

This year’s theme was California’s National Treasures.

“The theme allows members of the societies to demonstrate their talents and knowledge on the showcase and what it has to offer,” said Marcia Goetz, co-chairwoman for the show.

Three rows of booths were filled with minerals, rocks, crystals and fossils.

There were also demonstrations on how to carve crystals, and education booths for kids, and a silent auction.

Jamie Dunkin, a third generation rock collector, said she has had a passion of rock collecting all her life due to her father’s fascination with the hobby.

She added that she believes children should be exposed to rock collecting.

“We are so hooked on what we can see our tiny device,” Dunkin said. “We need to experience the real world, and it is exciting to discover treasures and different things.”

Dunkin was featured on a show called America’s Lost Treasures, and she also created a display of her most unique rocks at the Museum of Natural History.

Trish Burr Van Doren, a vendor at the event, buys from miners and importers.

She said she is drawn to the “metaphysical energy of a stone, (or) the energy the stone projects.”

–Destinee Mondragon

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