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Television Review: ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ improves in second season

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David Gonzalez
LV Life Editor

After the last season of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” concluded with Sabrina Spellman signing her name to the Devil to prevent the Greendale apocalypse, the show has returned with Sabrina embracing her witchy side and walking down a darker path.

The season began where the previous season and Christmas special left off, with Sabrina preparing to submerge herself in the dark arts full time at the Academy of Unseen Arts.

In the previous season, Sabrina ended her relationship with her boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle, causing a rift between herself and the rest of the friend group. Since then, she has been avoiding her mortal friends at Baxter High.

“Chilling Adventures” continues its trend of touching on important topics that reflect those in the real world.

Sabrina is fully realizing the misogyny that exists within the Church of Night and the hatred that Father Blackwood has for her, especially when it comes to position of Top Boy. The Top Boy, who is typically male, is the highest position of power a student can have. Despite her inexperience, Sabrina develops an interest in the position as a means of subverting a patriarchal standard within the Academy.

At Baxter High, Susie Putnam is coming to terms with their gender and comes out as a transgender boy who now goes by Theo. Theo receives backlash from the larger community but is supported by his close friends.

Rosalind also goes blind because of the curse that witches put on her family, which was revealed in the first season.

Even though Sabrina’s friends are going through dramatic life changes, she is not aware of what is happening in any of their lives. Sabrina’s distance from her mortal life becomes one of her main conflicts.

While Sabrina is dealing with the absence of her friends and the misogyny in the Church of Night, more nefarious acts are happening with the Dark Lord and Lilith, who took on the name Madam Satan and has disguised herself as Mary Wardwell.

Madam Satan, at the will of the Dark Lord, has been grooming Sabrina to be a witch to her fullest potential since the first season. The reasoning behind Sabrina’s importance to the Dark Lord has been unknown, but that dark secret was brought to light in season two.

The cinematography of this season is far better than the first. The first season did not do anything noticeably special with the camera work, but this season was shot in a way that created suspense throughout.

This second season also delves further into the magical world of the Archie universe, making it far more interesting than the first season, which focused on Sabrina’s mortal affairs.

The “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” season two was far more witchy from the last and ended on yet another attention-demanding cliffhanger.

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