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Delta Sigma Pi hosted “Backpacks to Briefcases” Wednesday to give students a chance to learn about what to expect in the work world, and what they should be doing now to prepare for professional success. 

The event speaker was Daenon Gault-Vasconez, a recruiter for Geico, with two employees he’d recruited. 

“When we have these discussions, it pique’s the curiosity of students (who may) not have considered Geico as a career option,” Gault-Vasconez said.

Gault-Vasconez talked about how to build a resume, how to interview and what questions to ask during the interview process. 

He said he always jumps at the opportunity to speak on college campuses, not only for exposure, but to help students learn about work-life balance and other helpful tools.

“The event was very beneficial … with helpful tips and advice on what it takes to obtain a job or internship,” said Aaron Zamora, a political science and economics major. “I came out of the event with more confidence on life after college.” 

The speakers also discussed benefits, such as medical and retirement, and encouraged students to research those type of things when looking for a company to apply to. 

They also explained that the interviewing process is sometimes long, so students should keep that in mind while interviewing with different companies. 

“All three speakers did a wonderful job of explaining what to do and what not to do ,” said Dani Sanchez, junior business administration major.

Delta Sigma Pi will host another event called “Interviewing 101” at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Howell Board Room.

—Stephanie Joseph

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