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Three cars vandalized in lot H

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Three cars were vanalized in a campus lot earlier this month, Ruben Ibarra, director of safety operations reported last week. 

Apparently unlocked at the time, all three cars were in Parking Lot H, beside the Barkley Annex. Two break-ins occured on May 5 and one on May 8.

Ibarra said money and personal property – but not computers or electronics – were stolen. 

Ibarra advises students to keep the windows rolled up. 

“Do not leave valuables in your vehicle exposed,” Ibarra said. “Even a tote bag with clothes in it may not seem valuable to you, but someone else does not know that. Often these crimes are crimes of opportunity. If the door is open, they are going to grab the bag and just leave.”

Campus Safety advises all to park in well lighted areas, close all windows and always be aware of your surroundings when approaching your vehicle. 

Campus Safety has yet to identify suspects of the car break-ins.

“We thought it would be important to inform the students as a safety precaution,” Ibarra said. “I know students are starting to transition to moving back out and putting things in their vehicles. We are just trying to stay ahead of the game and hopefully catch them or they will decide not to come back.”

Students are advised to report any suspicious activity or incidents to Campus Safety at 909-448-4950.

Layla Abbas

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