Vendors sell spiritual healing vibes

Leeann Nelson, owner and creator of Nature’s Vibe Healing, displays a healing wand at the Art of Vibes and Healing event Saturday. Nature’s Vibe Healing sells all natural products that promote health and happiness through self-love and care. The event was held in Upland and allowed vendors to showcase and sell their own handmade products. / photo by Ashley Villavicencio

Christine D. Insigne
Staff Writer

The Healing Touch Studios hosted four local natural healing and art vendors as they set up booths to promote their natural therapeutic items and spiritual artworks at the “The Art of Vibes and Healing” event.

Event organizer Shahde Jones said she loves spiritual healing events, but most of them are held further away from her home in the Inland Empire. 

The overall intention of the event is to spread spiritual growth and healing within the community, she said.

To make events like these more accessible and to further promote spiritual healing to the community around her, she said she decided to organize an event herself.

Being the first event she has ever organized, she reached out to close friends and Los Angeles vendors to participate.

One of the vendors was Leeann Nelson, Jones’ long time friend from high school. Nelson owns the company Nature’s Vibe Healing, where she makes all of her products by hand.

During the event Nelson displayed a wide variety of products such as crystal infused candles, essential oils based on zodiac signs and various body scrubs.

Nature’s Vibe Healing sells all natural products that aim to promote health and happiness through natural products for self-love and care, Nelson explained.

She said she hopes that her products are beneficial to everyone who comes across them.

“I think it’s important that we all feel empowered to be our own healers,” Nelson said.

Marlo De La Mora, owner of Chronically Wired Jewelry and founder of Simi Valley Autoimmune Disease Support Group, was also one of the vendors at the event.

Chronically Wired Jewelry produces handmade healing crystals wrapped in copper wires.

De La Mora started the business to raise money for people with autoimmune diseases, and said she struggles with an autoimmune disease called lupus. Lupus is a disease that causes the body’s immune system to attack itself, resulting in symptoms such as joint pain, rashes, fever and fatigue. 

Even before having lupus, De La Mora struggled with other health problems that forced her to take many different medications.

She said even though the medication was supposed to make her feel better, they just caused her even more pain. 

“I was on a chemo drug; lost my uterus, I was on another drug where I couldn’t eat for eight months,” De La Mora said. “Every drug they gave me, I suffered from severe side effects.”

But after a close friend introduced her to healing crystals, she has not taken any of her previous medications since. Later, she said she decided to sell healing crystals to promote spiritual healing while raising money.

Artist Ryan Jones was also at the event selling his art and handmade jewelry. Jones dabbles in different art styles and tries to make all of his paintings unique. 

He started selling his art after he had a hard time keeping a job, and thus turned into a way for him to pursue his passions while providing for his family.

“One thing I could always fall back on was my art,” Jones said. “It kinda kept me sane and made me want to do better for myself.”

Several of Jones’ friends and family came to the event to support her and learn about the arts of spiritual healing. 

The venue was small and intimate, making it easier for guests to learn about the various ways of natural healing in more depth.

“I feel like for my first event ever, I’m really happy and satisfied,” Jones said. “A lot of people came. My family and friends are here so I would call this a success.”

Jones said she feels that her event helped her accomplish her goal of bringing spiritual healing and art into her community.

“I love pop up events, but I especially love how small and intimate this event is,” said Yasmine Baker, owner of Sonchild Soaps, a business specializing in handmade soaps and candles. 

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Christine D. Insigne
Ashley Villavicencio

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