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Workshop teaches CBD oil benefits

Nicole Lanni, founder and owner of Feeling Groovy Wellness and Café in Claremont, shares the health benefits of CBD products such as oils, creams and gummies Tuesday. The wellness café offers yoga classes, massage therapy, breakfast options and much more. / photo by Ariel Torres

Danielle De Luna
News Editor

Feeling Groovy, a holistic wellness shop and cafe in Claremont, held a free CBD workshop Tuesday night to shed light on the compound that is taking the wellness industry by storm.

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis and hemp, is commonly found in creams, oils, capsules and vape pens. However, Nicole Lanni, owner and founder of Feeling Groovy, says that many people still have a lot of questions about CBD.

“I’m super passionate about holistic healing, that’s why I started Feeling Groovy,” Lanni said.

“I do a lot of research on my own, but I’m really excited now because I’m working with professionals involved in integrative medicine – doctors, nurses and veterinarians. That way I can hold this workshop and everyone’s questions.”

About 40 people attended the session which was held in the colorful, dimly lit workshop room behind the cafe area. The majority of the attendees were middle aged or older, seeking to find relief from pain or other physiological or psychological ailments.

“The body naturally makes CBD, but most of us don’t make enough of it,” Lanni said. “That’s when our bodies shift out of homeostasis and we suffer from all sorts of inflammation.”

Lanni continued to elaborate upon the research, facts and myths that surround the cannabidiol compound found in hemp and cannabis, explaining the differences between CBD derived from hemp and that derived from cannabis.

“Hemp is the male version of the plant and cannabis is the female version of the plant,” Lanni said. “Hemp is classified as having less than 3% THC, which is not detectable on drug tests, and does not get you high. Cannabis has more than 3% THC.”

Any CBD products derived from cannabis must be bought from a dispensary. Licensed stores are best places to go when buying cannabis products, because they hold cultivators to higher standard under Proposition 64 regulations that mandated the ban of pesticide use on cannabis.

Depending on what symptoms a person may experience, a person may or may not need a CBD product with THC. Most people can receive the full benefits of CBD that they are looking for using a full spectrum product derived from hemp, Lanni said.

Research done by Dr. Sean McAllister suggests that CBD may even be capable of fighting cancer.

Cannabinoids, including CBD, can be found in some drug tests. However, these compounds are not the same as THC, which is psychoactive, Lanni said.

CBD is naturally produced by the body, but if a positive drug test troubles you, a simple blood panel can confirm that no THC is in your system.

Feeling Groovy offers a variety of CBD products in capsule and vapor form designed to address specific problems like anxiety, lack of focus and lack of energy. These products function best to address intermittent symptoms, while oil is best for long term and chronic issues, Lanni said.

Claremont Chamber of Commerce Board member Cindy Rainey shared her testimonial with the workshop attendees, and said that CBD oil products prevented her from getting a knee replacement.

“I’m a realtor and at one point I was wearing a brace on my knee from appointment to appointment, I was really worried I’d have to have surgery,” Rainey said.

“Nicole gave me a drink with a CBD shot one day, and I instantly felt a difference. I came back and bought the oil right after and my knee has felt so much better since then.”

CBD is used in some of the wellness services provided at Feeling Groovy, like massage therapy.

“I’ve been using the product myself for a little while for relaxation and circulation, and I’ve noticed a difference,” said Evangeline Guzman, massage therapist at Feeling Groovy.

“I had heard about it through the industry, but I’m only starting to understand it more now that I’m working here.”

Danielle De Luna can be reached at danielle.deluna@laverne.edu.

Ariel Torres

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