Exhibit helps viewers ‘encounter’ faculty art

Victoria Tavera
Staff Writer

“Encounters,” a rotating art exhibit will feature the work of seven studio art faculty members between September on the second floor of the Arts and Communication Building.

“This is an opportunity for students with studio practices to exhibit artists,” said Dion Johnson, director of the gallery, distinguished artist, and the first exhibitor in the rotating show.

His work on display now includes two acrylic on canvas paintings, providing an abstract and vibrant array of color through the use of warm and cooler tones.

“Color is one of the most important things for me in painting because it is about pure energy, it’s about pure excitement,” Johnson said. “These paintings are about sensations rather than narratives, they’re about ideas of places and memories rather than diaries or pictures.”

Color has a way of conveying an impactful message without being specific in intent, leaving the work open to interpretation, he explained.

“I think it’s cool that its minimalistic but also very vibrant,” Elizabeth Galioto, senior sociology major, said.

Brianna Salcido, senior sociology major, said she enjoyed the color schemes of Johnson’s art. She said it seemed to express various moods.

“I appreciate when faculty puts themselves out there,” Salcido said. “It gives the students someone and something to look up to.”

Johnson said his colleague Ruth Trotter, professor of art, came up with the exhibit name “Encounters.”

When the faculty can put something up in a hallway, allowing people the opportunity to pass it and experience it, this thus allows them an “encounter with the art,” Johnson said.

Walpa D’Mark, adjunct professor of art, has an acrylic on canvas piece featuring silhouettes in black and tan, with colors of red, green, blue, yellow and orange dancing around the figures, inspired by Nicaragua.

His work will be featured beginning on Oct. 1.

Jennifer Vanderpool, adjunct professor of art, will have her work up in the exhibit beginning Oct. 15. She has been featured in a number of exhibits across the globe, inspiring many with her feminist work.

The exhibit runs through Dec. 13, allowing each artist to display their work for 11 days at a time.

The exhibit can be found on the second floor of the ACB, near room 212.

Victoria Tavera can be reached at victoria.tavera@laverne.edu.

Victoria Tavera
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