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Fair rings in Homecoming weekend

John Ceja, sophomore computer science major, and Alyssa Munoz, senior broadcast television major, were crowned Leo Royalty at the Homecoming Street Fair Saturday at Founders Hall. / photo by Melody Blazauskas

Liliana Castañeda
Staff Writer 

Roughly 300 people attended the Homecoming street fair that kicked off at Sneaky Park where alumni, students, faculty and staff swarmed to the activities and food trucks Saturday.

Alyssa Munoz, senior broadcast television major and John Ceja, sophomore computer science major were named ULV’s 2019 Homecoming Leopard Royalty in front of Founders Hall.

The staircase was elaborately decorated with a red carpet, rose vines were entwined along the poles on the stairs, and previous alum courts were lined along the edges of the staircase – suiting the Disneyland fairytale theme for the weekend.

The candidates were called out one by one, where the audience heard some of their interests.

Marjorie ‘Marji’ Bothwell, class of 1969, was also named Leo Royalty with a sentimental history attached to it. 

Bothwell was re-crowned with the same crown she received 50 years ago.

Bothwell was one of the 10 homecoming queens to wear the crown from 1964-1973. Each queen would keep the crown for a month before handing it back in.

The crown was donated back to the University in 2016 by Janelle Krug, daughter of the last queen to be crowned, Mary Jane Krug, who was the first to actually keep the crown after homecoming weekend.

Bothwell said she created lifelong friends while at La Verne, some of which she emails everyday and they call each other, “The Great Eight.”

Marjorie Bothwell, class of 1969, is re-crowned Homecoming queen by Felecia Beardsley, cultural and natural history collections director, during Homecoming on Saturday in front of Founders Hall. The crown was lost and then found again 50 years later. / photo by Melody Blazauskas

“It is a total honor to be recognized, once a Leo, always a Leo,” Bothwell said. “La Verne, still has that family feel and I feel very comfortable coming home. La Verne is the best place to be.”

The Homecoming booth winners were Phi Chi in first place, Sigma Kappa in second place, and Iota Delta in third. 

“Our booth is about being able to educate the community by athletics, like athlete safety, while being able to build a working system for students who are focused on athlete medicine,” said Marisela Gutierrez, e-board secretary of the Athletic Training Club.

The float winners were Phi Chi in first place, Iota Delta in second place and Phi Sigma Sigma in third place. 

ULV business students had a booth called Helio Charge. The booth had products on display, one of which was a solar powered USB charger. They created these products in partnership with Sustainable Claremont, a charity that works with providing environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

“We just started to brainstorm different products that we felt our community would need, or find necessary,” said Angela Steel, chief operating officer of Helio Charge. 

“We hope that people know that when they are supporting Helio Charge they are supporting Claremont, and this community as well.”

The dance team hosted a spooky-themed booth where people were given glow sticks that were turned into hoops, if the players managed to get one hoop around one of the six mannequin heads on the floor they would receive a treat. 

“The process of getting ready was fun, because we had a lot of time to bond as a team,” said Brianna Garey, ULV dance team captain.

The food trucks that catered the fair included a grilled cheese truck as well as a smoothie truck. 

Liliana Castañeda can be reached at liliana.castaneda@laverne.edu.

Liliana Castañeda, a senior communications major, is the Fall 2022 news editor of the Campus Times. She has previously served as editorial director, arts editor, copy editor and a staff writer.

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