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Family traditions bring belonging

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Jacob Barriga
Staff Writer

Pumpkin pie and turkey, along with culture-specific staples and traditions are some of what makes Thanksgiving a true American holiday.

Many families – and ULV students –have their own traditions and dishes they bring to the Thanksgiving dinner table every year.

Jennifer Trejo, junior criminology major, said that although she loves her mom’s buñuelos, a Mexican dessert, pumpkin pie is her favorite.

“My mom takes a tortilla and fries it and we put sugar on top and it is one of my favorite things to eat. Pumpkin pie is so good, I look forward to it every year,” Trejo said.

Mason Somerman, sophomore business administration major, also has a favorite dish that makes his Thanksgiving even better every year.

“My dad’s cranberry stuffing is definitely my favorite. He makes a spicy one and a sweet one,” Somerman said. “He makes it but then he puts it in the oven inside of the turkey and he cooks it with the turkey. It is the best.”

Kylie Fetui-Turner, sophomore business administration major, sees her mother’s side the family on Thanksgiving.

“We always go to my grandma’s house … everyone in the family comes. You bring your significant others. All my aunts and uncles and all my cousins are there. There’s about 30 of us in the house just talking and catching up all night,” Fetui-Turner said.

“At the end of the meal we always go around the table and tell the whole family what we are thankful for,” Fetui-Turner said.

Football on Thanksgiving day is a staple for many families, but with each family comes a different way of maintaining that tradition.

Arthur Delgado, sophomore criminology major, has a family football game with his cousins and uncles that they call the Turkey Bowl.

“After that, we go back to the house and spend the rest of the day together,” Delgado said.

Dean Watson, junior educational studies major, said his family always has football playing on the TV as they all gather in the living room to feast.

“We go to my uncle’s house and everyone brings their own food,” Watson said.

“We have football on as we sit around and talk. We always stay until the end of the Cowboys vs. Redskins football game, and then we spend the rest of the night at home with my mom, dad and brother.”

Thanksgiving allows for families to begin the final stretch of the holiday season together.

“After everything is over, some people have left but the family members that are still at the house set up and decorate the Christmas tree. I like doing that, it is really nice to spend that time with my family,” Somerman said.

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