Students talk campus safety

Priscilla Applebee
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An informal survey at the University of La Verne suggests that 16 out of 20 students generally feel safe on campus. 

The sense of community on campus was one of the main reasons students feel safe here, though even those who said they generally feel safe said they feel less so at night. 

“I feel safe,” said Vania Medina, freshman criminology major. “The community feels nice, and I pretty much see the same people every day, so I feel comfortable.”

Poorly lit places and downtown life seeping onto campus were factors that made some feel less safe. 

Daniela Salazar, sophomore biology major, said he doesn’t feel safe at night when he sees strangers lurking around the dorms. 

“So I ask my friend to watch me walk from class to my room,” Salazar said. 

The overall crimes on the main campus and regional campuses have dropped or stayed the same during the past several years, according to the Cleary Report released last month which showed 2018 campus crime statistics.

Still, after last year’s alleged hate crimes and online racist threats, some students across campus are a bit on edge. 

Director of Campus Safety Ruben Ibarra said that he has more officers on patrol when there is more activity on campus. 

“My officers to go into the buildings more (and) make themselves known as an added safety measure,” Ibarra said. 

Ibarra said he is considering some additional safety improvements, such as adding security camera, and more lighting around campus at night. 

“I lived on campus last year, and it can get really dark,” said Skylar Metzner, junior biology major. “It shook me to reevaluate my surroundings while alone, especially now that I commute and have late shifts on campus, and I have to walk to my car.”

None of the survey participants said they have had to call Campus Safety in an emergency. 

If you see something that makes you feel unsafe, or you need a ride across campus at night, call Campus Safety at 909-448-4950, or dial Ext. 4950 from any phone on campus.

Or get the LiveSafe App, which also allows you to communicate with Campus Safety. 

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