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Citrus artifacts bolster archives

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Rashonda Taylor
Staff Writer

A recent donation of artifacts to the Wilson Library Archives means University of La Verne students will have a greater pool of knowledge for in and outside of the classroom.

The donations came from the Citrus Roots: Preserving Citrus Heritage Foundation. Their contributions included pieces of art from vintage advertisements that attracted tourism in California, artifacts such as ancient farming tools and documents based off of California’s past.

The Foundation deals with the citrus industry. They decided to work with the University by donating all the items and documents that they have been collecting.

“The group had been saving whatever they could from La Verne, Pomona and all over Southern California,” said Benjamin Jenkins, the University’s archivist.

Jenkins has been working on expanding and restoring La Verne’s archives for about five years.

The organization did not have the capacity to save everything, so they decided to donate it to a University, Jenkins said. 

“We were one of the organizations that they reached out to about donating these gifts which will benefit in being able to teach classes with them,” he said.

A few ULV students said it’s a good opportunity to learn about California history. 

“Anything that has to do with cultures or the history of cultures can help you figure out how people react to certain things from the primary sources that are available,” said Zion Grant-Freeman, sophomore psychology major.

Riana Teran, sophomore English major, said she has used the archives for multiple classes. 

“I’ve used it for my Music in Literature course and my history course and it has been really helpful,” Teran said. 

Jade Brinzo, senior kinesiology major, said she hopes that the donations will help future students. 

“It was pretty handy in finding good articles, but sometimes you have to change the wording to find what you need,” Brinzo said. 

Brinzo added that donations to the Wilson Library Archives over the years are just more signs that La Verne is expanding in subtle ways.

Since the University’s founding in 1891, the Wilson Library has collected important pieces of history that contribute to a variety of students’ research and studies.

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