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Muslims deserve freedom


An estimated one million Chinese Muslims have disappeared across Xianjiang, China, and speculation pertaining to their possible imprisonment in relation to their religious status were proved true after leaked documents highlighted a network of detention camps used to imprison Chinese Muslims.

The leaked document, which spans a 137 page spreadsheet, displays that 300 Uighurs were imprisoned on the basis of what China described as a “minor religious infection,” which include wearing a veil or having a beard as reason for imprisonment. But there is probable reason to believe that there may be more than a million Uighurs according to the Associated Press.

The Chinese regime began a religious persecution based on the stereotype that Muslims are linked to terrorism, which is embedded into the ideology of the Chinese government.

When someone is detained, their family would be tracked down so that they too can be detained. The children of parents who have been detained are also treated like orphans.

Several satellites have also found that desolate patches of dirt have replaced what once held prominent religious sites frequented by Muslims.

Only a year ago, the Chinese government attempted to control the narrative regarding these internment camps by labeling them as vocational training centers, but in reality they were being brainwashed and forced to eat pork, something of which practicing Muslims do not participate in.

These leaked documents do nothing but show an obviously severe distortion in power and complete disregard for humanity that the Chinese government holds but continues to deny is happening.

China’s regime works on secrecy as they claim Muslims are willing and happy to be imprisoned, when in reality these people are traumatized and dehumanized solely for their faith. All people deserve religious freedom without fear of being persecuted and ostracized for their belief. This is something that can no longer be ignored.

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