Shooting may be gang related

La Verne police are still investigating a midday shooting Wednesday that left one victim in stable condition with wounds to his upper and lower torso. At around 1 p.m., residents on First and A streets reported the sounds of gunfire they described as a flurry of about 10 shots.

La Verne police located the apparent victim a little while later, a man, a few blocks away. The man was taken by paramedics.

According to a police report, LVPD officers are investigating whether the incident is gang related.
Shortly after the incident Wednesday, residents on the block where the incident took place said that the house in connection with the shooting has a bad reputation.

“The whole rest of my street is perfect, it’s just that one house,” said Kayla Sanchez, who lives across the street from the home police searched.

“My husband and I moved from Azusa to get away from stuff like this and now it’s happening right across from where we are.”

Robert Stevens, who also lives on First Street, said that he has seen more suspicious activity around his neighbors’ homes.

“About a week ago, at 9 p.m., the guy across the street from me heard about six real hard knocks at his door,” Stevens said.

“He called the police because he noticed two hooded dudes walking along the side of his house.”

The police are asking residents to stay alert, and for those with any information about the shooting to call the watch commander at 909-596-1913.

Andrew Alonzo

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