Claremont Concert Orchestra mixes Latin sounds

Josue Arellano
Staff Writer

The audience filled Garrison Hall at Scripps College, as the sounds of South American-inspired music filled the auditorium Sunday.

The 56-member Claremont Concert Orchestra was composed mostly of student musicians played four pieces.

The performance of Violoncello Concerto No. 1 stood out.

Featuring Daniel Yang on cello, the piece played out like a dramatic movie with plenty of sad moments, moments of peril, and it ended with a feeling of triumph.

Danzón No. 2 reflected a strong South American sound influence: A mixture of salsa with beautiful orchestral strings flowing to the rhythm of the piece.

Yang played solos with aplomb as the orchestra followed along.

“I think the way the piece is structured in three movements… a lot of the piece echos what I feel like my transition going from high school to college,” Yang said after his commanding performance. “So I think about that while I play the piece.”

Yang commanded that stage with presence as the entire orchestra hung on every note he played after he explained why this music is personal to him.

“I think classical music is a way to express…something that you feel inside those words just don’t cut it,” Yang said.

Fred Ferrarin, father of the lead violinist Christopher Ferrarin, said he always comes back to this venue because of the quality.

“We’ve been to a lot of different venues but we come here often,” Ferrarin said. “I really do like the acoustics, the chairs are very comfortable, and the atmosphere is very pleasant.”

His son, Christopher, was the principal violinist for both performances.

Fred Ferrain said he raised his kids to be professional musicians to semi-professional musicians and he has an attachment to classical music that goes back to his childhood.

“I’ve been exposed to classical music all my entire life,” Ferrarin said. “I played the violin as a youngster and all my children have pursued music professionally and semi-professionally.”

Two students who were formerly in the orchestra also attended.

“I loved the Rimsky-Korsakov (piece),”said former orchestra member Sheena Hui. “He is known for being a really great (composer), as we can hear in the piece performed tonight. … I share in the experience of playing the same piece with this orchestra.”

Anya Wallace said she loved to check in on their performances from time to time.

“I’m a cellist and I used to play in this orchestra so I enjoy coming out here and seeing how they’re doing,” Wallace said.

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