Handcrafted magic mystifies

Magician Greg VanHolsbeck knew he had the audience’s attention when he handed a bookmark to a member of the audience, and told her to place it in a book.

No matter what page the bookmark was placed, VanHolsbeck seemed to know exactly where it would end up, page 735 to be exact.

VanHolsbeck, a magician at the Claremont Forum, captivated the 12-member audience with his tricks on March 5.

The show took place inside a small library with high white ceilings and tall book shelves. The magician used small objects like playing cards, money and yarn for most of his tricks.

The show began with a demonstration of VanHolsbeck handing one of the audience members a piece of a ripped piece of a dollar; he then brought out a new dollar and ripped a small piece of it.

After he asked Jim Jones, one of the audience members, to pull out that little piece of dollar he had handed him in the beginning of the show, the two pieces matched perfectly.

“I try to capture the experience, most of the tricks are interactive with people because I want to make the tricks about them,” Greg VanHolsbeck said.

The playing cards came out and VanHolsbeck passed a card to each audience member, only to have perfectly guessed each card number and value.

“I think I’ve proved myself with the mind reading abilities,” VanHolsbeck said.

The show was made even better by the intimacy of VanHolsbeck and the ominous setting chosen. The audience was engaged intently with VanHolsbeck.

Another Handcrafted Mysteries show with different kinds of material will start Sunday.

The original showings are held at 8 p.m. Thursdays at the Claremont Library.

—Valerie Valadez

Valerie Valadez
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