Restaurant Review: Show Ramen brings Japanese flair

The spicy tonkotsu miso, like many Show Ramen dishes, can be experienced in a variety of add-ons, including corn, bean sprouts, red onions, Fukujin zuke and seaweed. / photo by Andrew Alonzo
The spicy tonkotsu miso, like many Show Ramen dishes, can be experienced in a variety of add-ons, including corn, bean sprouts, red onions, Fukujin zuke and seaweed. / photo by Andrew Alonzo

Andrew Alonzo
LV Life Editor

On the corner of Foothill Boulevard and Gateway Pointe sits a ramen shop that embodies the traditional flavor of the trendy Japanese soup dish.

Show Ramen is savory and bold with rich broth, crispy green onions and tender beef.
As far as ramen goes, Show’s is exceptional.

I went for the spicy tonkotsu miso bowl with pak choi, crunchy onions and corn. My girlfriend, Wendy Le, ordered the plain tonkotsu bowl with corn and crunchy onions.

Our order came out in about 10 minutes and my goodness, we have not had such little conversation during a meal in a while.

The spiceness levels of the spicy tonkotsu miso were tempered perfectly so that you could savor the richness of the broth, the harmonic melody created from the corn, pak choi and beef slices playing in union all while getting a bite of heat.

The plain tonkotsu was Japanese ramen in one scoop. How do you make an already perfect broth better?

Throw an egg in there. The egg cooks so softly and throws its mildly sweet flavors to the party. With each bite, you forget that you’re in La Verne because the food and atmosphere takes you elsewhere.

Coming in hungry, we also ordered the fried octopus. The octopus was not the best in terms of texture because of how chewy it was.

However, the taste and spicy sauce delivered with it packed pure ocean flavor with each bite.

“I could eat the beef noodle special everyday if I could,” West Covina resident Shane Ramirez said. “That man doesn’t say see you tomorrow for nothing.”

The tinted windows paired with the mundane company logo may make some think they are closed but trust me, you need to try this delectable bowl of freshly prepared noodles.

Head chef Dustin Nguyen said he only uses the freshest spices and homemade broth for each dish sent out of the kitchen.

“It takes about three days to make a batch of broth for each of our soups because we have set the standards high for ourselves,” Nguyen said.

The dark exterior hides the vivid interior of a Japanese ramen house.

Patrons are greeted with friendly service and little-to-no wait time upon their first steps through the door.

With seating from booths to their secluded window seating, Show Ramen is the destination for those late nights out with friends or lunches with your homework.

The interior took me straight to Japan with their table arrangement calling for guests to share their ramen with all their friends.

The brown wood flooring clashed with the vibrant red chair cushions. The exquisite crystal pillars led you to a circular room with windows giving you a 360-degree view of the outdoors and the showroom.

Japanese decor was hung throughout the restaurant, with the white and baby blue walls giving a fresh vibe and pairing well with the classy floor and chairs.

“Everything kind of works together and also you have stuff to look at while you wait,” La Verne resident Reid Garcia said. “Once the food gets to the table, now that’s a talking point.”

The portions were tremendous and tested the theory of if you could eat a horse – could you eat a whole bowl of noodles at Show Ramen.

No doubt that you will want to savor every single slurp and broth spill on the table.

And once you’re finished and ready to head out, you’ll hear Dustin call out, “See you tomorrow!”

What disappointed me in reality was the fact that even on a Saturday at noon – peak lunch time or beginning – this place was still occupied by only five or six patrons.

It took me aback because this business does not get the credit it deserves. Overall, eight bowls of ramen out of 10.

In total for the two bowls and appetizer we spent $37.20 so it can get a little steep.

The menu can be confusing if you’ve never been to a ramen joint before but a quick rundown is you choose your soup and then add toppings.

The staff was accommodating and checked back whenever we needed anything. Ten out of 10 service. You better hurry and get your bowl before this place soon has a line out its door at all times.

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