Student’s tweet prompts COVID-19 rumors

Alondra Campos
Staff Writer

A University of La Verne student caused temporary panic Wednesday, after the student posted a tweet which indicated she might be infected with the coronavirus.

After visiting the health center with similar symptoms, and indicating that she had traveled by air from San Jose to Ontario two weeks prior, the student was instructed to self quarantine, or stay home for two weeks or until the symptoms subsided.

Three people tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, at the San Jose Airport Wednesday morning.

“I had started feeling sick a couple days ago and already planned to go to the health center before I even found out about the COVID-19 cases at the San Jose airport,” the student said.

The student’s symptoms consisted of backaches, runny nose, cough, sore throat and headaches, which match symptoms of both common flu and COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The student’s self quarantine was a precautionary measure. She had not been tested for the coronavirus.

“Since I was in San Jose and also work for housing they thought it would be best if I went home since I live nearby,” the student whose name was omitted to protect her. “The University doesn’t have testing kits so I have to go to an emergency center to get tested for COVID-19.”

Her tweet Wednesday morning, which she since removed, indicated her self-quarantine was because her current symptoms matched those of COVID-19.

Many students and faculty interpreted the tweet to mean she was infected with the virus.

Provost Jonathan Reed and Dean of Students Juan Regalado have confirmed that no one on campus to date has been tested positive for COVID-19, but that some students have been quarantined.

“Some students have been asked to self-quarantine, leave campus, or excuse themselves from class but there are no positive diagnoses for COVID-19 from anyone on this campus,” Regalado said.

As of press time Thursday, there were 32 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Los Angeles County, and 198 statewide. The first and only known coronavirus death in Los Angeles County occurred Monday at Pomona Valley Hospital.

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