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Building positivity in the face of pandemic fears

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It’s easy for the global COVID-19 pandemic to instill a negative and gloomy outlook, but some people have started embracing this as a time for unity and building prosperity rather than contributing to the spread of fear and paranoia. 

Seamstresses are coming together through the hashtags #millionmaskchallenge and #MillionMaskMayday on YouTube and Twitter by creating masks for their communities, including hospitals who have run short of supplies. Many have shared sewing patterns online for others to cooperate and make their own masks too. 

Other social media users have begun tagging and challenging their friends and family through Instagram stories, using it as a way to build community through the process of sharing empowerment among one another. These challenges invite others to perform activities on their story, like push-ups, posting silly pictures, encouraging positive attitudes and prompting people to be more engaged with one another. 

In a time where everyone feels isolated and alone in the fear that surrounds this pandemic, music is still bringing people together as it always has, too. 

Musicians have hosted various live streams of “virtual concerts” on Twitch and YouTube, while partnering with charities for donations in the process. 

The Lumineers have been performing online regularly in support of Global Citizens and the World Health Organization’s #TogetherAtHome campaign to raise funds to fight COVID-19.

A community is being built around the coronavirus pandemic where there is support and solace, even stronger yet than the four walls people have been ordered to confine themselves in.

Neil Diamond shared an alternate version to his song “Sweet Caroline,” which promoted washing hands and staying indoors. On his YouTube channel he said that singing together might help them all feel a little bit better. 

Although the world around us has grown scary, there are still bright sides to take a look at. Use this time of isolation to learn something you have always wanted to, further your hobbies and find what makes you happy and keeps you interested. The world has just come to a halt, and everyone is now facing the same circumstances. This may be life’s way of telling everyone to just take a break, breathe and enjoy this time at home during quarantine to help fight against COVID-19, learn a new instrument or finally read that book you’ve been putting off. 

Work can oftentimes distract people from what they really enjoy, but spending the time you have now happy in what you’re doing is better than sitting in fear over a future that only time can really tell.

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