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Students find comfort, escape in streaming old favorites

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Valerie Valdez
Staff Writer

As social distancing has led to a lonely, monotonous routine for many, some University of La Verne students are finding comfort in binging via platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu, according to an informal survey.

Ten students were surveyed via Instagram recently – about what content they have been viewing during this uncertain period of sheltering-in-place.

Six of the 10 said they were hooked on watching “All American,” while four said they’d been watching “Money Heist,” three talked about “Elite,” and two mentioned “Grey’s Anatomy.” Other shows mentioned were “The Office,”  “New Girl,” “Ozark,” “Vampire Diaries,” and “Gossip Girl,” for comfort and distraction amid so much uncertainty.

“All American” sheds light on the lives of high school students, each of whom is going through tough times – economically, academically, or within their families

“During these times, I felt very unmotivated and when I started watching ‘All American’,” said Ramon Morales,freshman history major. “I felt connected because it was a show that uplifted teenagers going through rough times.”

Although happy story plots may be the answer for some, other students surveyed opted for shows with more adrenaline and dangerous storylines. “Money Heist” and “Ozark,” both of have high ratings on Netflix, were commonly watched among participants. Both shows feature crime, robberies and drug trade.

Sitembile Sukuta, junior computer engineering major, said she is obsessed with shows like “Money Heist.” Sukuta said when it comes to choosing shows and movies to watch, it is all about the acting for her because it has to fully immerse her into the plot.

As for movies to stream for escape or a sense of normalcy, five students said they were rewatching old favorites, such as “Star Wars,” “Avengers” and “High School Musical.”

“I’ve been obsessing over Disney+ during this quarantine because it has been like reliving my childhood – watching some of my favorite movies like ‘High School Musical’ and ‘The Princess Diaries’,” said Ashley Agustin, a junior psychology major.

For some, it has been a time to catch up on prime time television in general.

“To be honest, I never really watched TV until this quarantine,” said Allison Viehl, sophomore history major. “I got Hulu and started watching chick flicks like ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,’ ‘Failure to Launch,’ and ‘John Tucker Must Die’.”

For some, binge watching shows and movies has been helping students stay connected to their families.

Junior kinesiology major Samantha Amy said being able to lie down, relax and binge watch shows with her family has made them closer during the shelter-in-place period.

“Disney+ has brought my family and I together from watching some of my parent’s favorites, like “Remember the Titans,” to my brother’s favorite, “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and my favorite, which is High School Musical,” Amy said.

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