Students will benefit directly from $2.8 million federal grant

Jaydelle Herbert
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne has received roughly $2.8 million in student funds under the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, via the U.S. Department of Education.

The emergency grant money goes to students designated as having high financial need to cover tuition and related expenses.

“The gap between a student’s resources – such as financial stability from your family or scholarships and grants or other forms of support – and your total cost which would include living expenses, is defined as your financial need,” said Laura Evans, director of the Office of Financial Aid.

More than 2,400 ULV traditional undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to receive grants of up to $1,000 from this fund, said Xochitl Martinez, executive director of budget and student financial services.

The Office of Student Accounts began this week to distribute these funds directly to students. 

Unlike the previous Coronavirus Aid, Recovery, and Economic Security, or CARES, funds, the new grants don’t require an application.

University President Devorah Lieberman said she hopes this money will offer students some additional financial comfort. 

“We want our students to have as little burden as possible when it comes to financial responsibilities,” Lieberman said, adding the grant is  “absolutely a blessing for us.”

Junior photography major Emily Alvarez was pleased to hear about the new grant. 

“It will help me tremendously with my tuition, because I am currently paying it myself,” Alvarez said. 

University officials said they understand at this challenging time the federal grant, which is available to U.S. citizens only, is just one piece of the financial puzzle for most ULV students. 

“The grants we are distributing right now will help the need the students have, but it’s probably not enough,” said Avo Kechichian, the University’s chief financial officer. 

Evans encourages any student experiencing financial challenges to contact the Office of Financial Aid.

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