Jeopardy night spotlights celebrity trivia

Jaydelle Herbert
Staff Writer

The Black Student Union hosted a virtual celebrity edition “Jeopardy” event in which University of La Verne students competed for the top prizes on Wednesday.

The celebrity edition Jeopardy game consisted of questions from different categories such as television shows, music, lifestyle, movies, and black celebrities. Once Olivia Magby, junior sociology major and BSU’s head of events, asked a question from a category, the 17 participants would compete to unmute themselves first to name the celebrity.

After a student answered the correct celebrity name, the student would choose the next category and the number of points they would like to compete for. The points increased by hundreds from 100 up to 500 points per category. The student who earned the most points won the top prize.

Megan Romo, sophomore educational studies major and BSU member, secured victory over the other players by naming the most celebrity names, winning the grand prize, a Polaroid camera.

“There was one question left in the game and I answered it before anyone else did. I am so happy answering the last question correctly put me over the edge with enough points to beat the student who came in second place,” Romo said.

Sophomore art major Kaitlin Handler was the runner-up and senior kinesiology major Mary Nichols won third place.

The Jeopardy game night event was Nichols’ first BSU event she has attended during the virtual setting.

“I have participated in other competitive virtual events which included playing Kahoot to win different prizes but I have always got in last place. It’s crazy how this is my first time attending a BSU event and I actually won a prize,” Nichols said.

Magby said BSU decided to host this event closer to the end of spring semester to allow students to have a break between the added pressure of finals coming up and the heavy coursework students are receiving.

Nichols who won the $25 UberEats gift card and said the Jeopardy game night could not have been hosted at a more perfect time on Wednesday night.

“The celebrity edition Jeopardy event was a fun event to participate in and with attending this event, it helped me take a nice, relaxing break from all of my schoolwork,” Nichols said.

A few of the prizes Magby chose for this event is based on Jeopardy’s celebrity edition twist.

“I chose the first-place prize to be a Polaroid camera because when I think about cameras in relation to celebrities, it reminds me of the paparazzi and the media attention celebrities receive,” Magby said.

“For the second prize, I chose the Roku remote because the actors and actresses in tv shows and movies are also seen as celebrities which relates back to the theme of a celebrity edition Jeopardy,” Magby said.

Although Emely Gutierrez, junior sociology major and BSU member, did not win a prize in this event, she regularly attends BSU meetings and events.

“BSU events are very interactive and the members create a safe space for you to speak your mind, respectfully. Also being Latina, I attend their meetings because I believe it’s beneficial learning about other cultures aside from your own,” Gutierrez said.

Lela Dooley, junior rhetoric and communication studies major and vice president of BSU, said the club welcomes everyone from any cultural background.

“In BSU meetings, we create a safe space for individuals to discuss topics that are seen as controversial or polarizing. We talk a lot about black excellence and how you can be an ally,” Dooley said.

Dooley said that other topics that come up during meetings are cancel culture and cultural appropriation.

“People from different cultures are free to share their personal experiences through our discussions,” Dooley said.

BSU’s next event, “Destress Your Mess,” an open discussion of self-care and how to practice it, will be from noon to 1 p.m., Tuesday.  The first 25 people to RSVP and attend will receive an exclusive self-care package.

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