Office reorganization to support career focus

Abelina Nunez
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne office of academic advising and career center are combining into one office, with the goal of serving students more thoroughly from choosing majors and classes as well as internships and careers.

The new office hopes to develop a lifelong competitive and applicable skill set for an ever-changing global market through career readiness for the students, officials said.

“Before the career center was under students affairs and… advising was under academic affairs,” said Amanda Miller, director of academic and career advising.

Roy Kwon, assistant provost of undergraduate programs, said the new office space will be where students can find all the professional academic advisers, as well as career services in the same space.

“The career center (will be) helping students to write a resume and offering things like interviews workshops,” Kwon said. “Then on the advising side, our plan is to make sure all the academic advisors are trained so they themselves also have the knowledge that’s required to give you when you go talk to them about career.”

Miller elaborated: “The plan is to cross-train advisers… starting with our professional advisers, along with also training faculty and our La Verne Experience classes to be able to also know the career language to know what we offer.”

Carlos Cervantes, associate dean of academic support and retention, said academic advising needs to evolve to include career advising to help prepare students to meet career and professional goals, while also meeting their academic and major requirements.

“The goal is to make sure that students get the mentorship that they need, and that (they) are equipped with the skills and knowledge that … to find successful and meaningful jobs,” Kwon added.

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  1. This is very interesting and good to know. This is also very well written and I cant wait to read more by Abelina Nunez.


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