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Podcast considers all things NBA

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Sumiko Rudisky
Staff Writer

Luke Garcia, sophomore psychology major at the University of La Verne, recently became part of a sports podcast called “The Crossover Committee,” with four friends, who all went to high school together.

The podcast focuses specifically on all things NBA.

It was originated by Isiah Ochoa, a student at Rio Hondo College, in hopes of breaking into the sports casting world. He wants to be his own boss in the future and is using this podcast as his first step in doing so. 

“We want to do what ESPN and Fox Sports do but we don’t want to work for them, we want to be our own boss and try to make something of our own,” said Ochoa, a sophomore mass communications major at Rio Hondo College.     

The podcast covers many different topics focused around in the NBA, including players and their injuries and predictions of future games. The episodes range from 30 minutes to over an hour. Because of COVID-19 the hosts have had to meet over Zoom to record episodes of their podcast. 

“It’s been a lot of fun and a nice outlet for me to get away from school and homework,” said Luke Garcia, sophomore psychology major at the University of La Verne. 

Garcia is on the baseball team at ULV but doesn’t get to talk about basketball very often since he is so focused on baseball. The podcast has given him the opportunity to talk more about basketball which is his second favorite sport.When invited onto the show he really wanted to take full advantage of his knowledge of the NBA.

The podcasts can be found on scoreboard media on YouTube to watch the video version. For the audio files you can listen on Apple, Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming services when you type in the Crossover Committee. They record on Wednesdays and post new episodes on Fridays. 

Every couple of weeks the show brings on guests who bring their own takes to the conversation on that week’s episode. 

“I find it really fun and helpful,” said Garret Hartourt, sophomore, film and media major at UC Santa Barbara. “Coming on as a guest has made it helpful to come up with topics for my school newspaper to write about, plus when I’m older I want to go into the sports industry.” 

The podcast is currently taking a break due to work and school, but are hoping to pick back up soon. 

“It was a good podcast, there were a lot of different takes on the topics, it would be interesting to get some more chaos though,” said Andrew Hunt, a listener from Pasadena. 

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