ULV sorority helps students learn about safe sex

Sarah Van Buskirk
Staff Writer

Iota Delta sorority invited John Bartelt, professor of education technology, and Linda Bartelt, senior adjunct professor of education, to learn and discuss safe sex through a lecture and Kahoot games at its Latex or No Sex event held online on April 14.

The Bartelts advised La Verne students how to navigate through sex and relationships, sexual assault and alcohol use, as well as birth control and STD testing. At the end of the presentation there was an open question and answer section where they answered anonymous questions from the audience, as well as a Kahoot game to test the audience’s knowledge of the presentation. 

Many audience members asked questions about sex life, relationship advice, and self esteem issues. They encouraged students to reach out to them via email if they had any questions relating to sex and relationships.

After, they discussed sexual assault on campus and how to report it.

“Do not be afraid to report an act of sexual assault on campus if you have been drinking. You will not get in trouble for that,” John Bartelt said.

They proceeded to talk about the affects of alcohol in college and relating to sex, that alcohol increases the chance of molestation.

“In college you have the most likelihood of being raped than any time in your life, thanks to alcohol.” John Bartelt said.

John Bartelt also said alcohol is an anti-sex drug that impairs sexual performance.

Linda Bartelt explained that consent is important every step of the way since we live in a society steeped in rape culture.  

“‘Is it OK that I kiss you right now?’ – It might sound stupid but it is sexy and it is really important,” Linda Bartelt said.

Linda Bartelt said that when one is ready to have sex there should be clear and unambiguous consent. As well as if you do not want to have sex with your partner, it is OK to say no because you simply do not want to.

“Just because you gave consent one day, it does not give blanket consent forever,” Linda Bartelt said.

The Bartelts also asked the audience what the main reasons are that they get into a relationship. The majority said to be with someone who cares about me as much as I care about them.

John Bartelt and Linda Bartelt then discussed the topic of healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships.

“Healthy is a green light, unhealthy is a yellow light and abusive is a red light. If any relationship starts to enter into the yellow light, you have to figure out how to get it back into the green light or get out of the relationship completely,” Linda Bartelt said.

In the last part of the Bartelts’ presentation, they informed the audience about birth control options and STD testing. They discussed the multiple forms on birth control such as IUDs, hormonal implants and birth control pills, as well as having no fear or shame to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Shortly after the presentation, Lauren Cassidy, junior criminology major and Iota Delta’s philanthropy coordinator, held a Kahoot game that had questions relating to the information discussed in the presentation. 

The Bartelts invited any students with sex or relationship questions to get in touch with them at jbartelt@laverne.edu.

Sarah Van Buskirk can be reached at sarah.vanbuskirk@laverne.edu.

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