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AMOCA exhibition honors student work during the pandemic

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The American Museum of Ceramic Art is holding this year’s high school exhibition publicly and went virtual for the second year in a row.

Different from past years, this year’s was opened up to nationwide entries, rather than its customary exclusivity to California students.

“The ability to go virtual solved a lot of transport problems for students who may not have been able to previously get into L.A.,” Ashley Rowley, education manager at the museum, said.

She said she was impressed with the high quality of work from the applicants, even though many of the usual art tools and resources for students were unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year.

“They still deserved to be honored, both the students and the teachers,” Rowley said.

This year, 181 students applied and 100 pieces were accepted, featuring students from 38 high schools in 17 states. Each piece was carefully considered by a panel of judges in terms of quality, design, and if it told a story. Each student was allowed to submit up to two pieces, including the details of name, school, and their arts teacher.

The top three winners were held in the categories of Class of 2021, Class of 2022, and Classes of 2023-2024. Each top contestant won a cash prize and a membership to the museum.

The exhibit is available online through Aug. 31. For more information, visit the AMOCA website.

—Lindsey Pacela

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