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CAB offers a moment of relaxation before finals


Ryan Konrad
Staff Writer

The Campus Activities Board capped off its last program, Destination Procrastination, with a Netflix Movie Night on May 13 via Teleparty. The film was 2001’s “Legally Blonde,” starring Reese Witherspoon. The choice was made by a poll on CAB’s Instagram account. 

It was CAB’s third event for Destination Procrastination, with a Movie Trivia on May 11, and a DIY Night on May 12.  Traditionally, the event is one night in the Campus Center with different stations and activities, but adjustments were made to deliver entertainment virtually. 

“We still wanted to incorporate that aspect this year while being online but instead of doing it multiple times in one night it made sense to stretch it out to three days and still have that same approach of having different things for technically one event,” said Danyelle Jacob, CAB co-chair and senior communications major. 

Regardless of the change, Jacob said Destination Procrastination’s goal was to provide student relief before finals. 

“We still want Destination Procrastination to be a last-minute escape for students to decompress and get away from studying for finals before it becomes the official finals season,” Jacob said.

Serena Martinez, CAB co-chair and senior kinesiology major, said this year’s Destination Procrastination held a different weight given the difficulties of the past year. 

“Being virtual this school year has been exhausting for the entire team between classes, meetings, CAB events and other commitments all being held over a computer screen,” she said.  

While CAB did not envision a complete year online and remote, the effort and meaning of running CAB and its events remained the same, said Martinez.

“It was bittersweet planning the last events of the year and not being able to do them the way we would traditionally,” she said. “It is difficult knowing that we were unable to pull them off the way we would’ve wanted to.”

“We just wanted this to be the last escape from academics before silent period started,” Jacob said.

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