False election claims threaten democracy

Democracy is at stake as the current Republican Party, or the new Trump Party as they should be called, continues the false narratives of Democrats stealing the presidential election from Donald Trump. Since the Jan. 6 attack on the capitol, which was incited by Trump, he has been banned from multiple social media sites in order to limit his outreach and Joe Biden has taken his rightful place as president of the United States.

However, there are still die-hard Trump supporters in Congress and at the state level around the country who want to discount the entire 2020 presidential election. They believe the election was fraudulent and that Trump was cheated out of his second term. These politicians are not budging on their position and their unwavering support of the former president is now a threat to the integrity of our system and the process in which American democracy has functioned for almost 250 years.

Rep. Liz Cheney, R–Wyoming, and former chair of the House Republican Conference, has been removed from her leadership position due to her constant and well-deserved criticism of the former president despite herself being a Republican. Cheney has stressed that the Republican Party must not continue to repeat the lies from the former president because it compromises the core of America’s election system.

This comes in the same week that Republican representatives in Arizona continue the voter auditing process looking for voter fraud and other factors they believe may have discredited the 2020 election. Even as outrageous as this sounds, the Republicans who still want to be on Trump’s good side are completely fine with this.

This comes on the heels of Republican-led voter suppression laws in Georgia and Florida that will restrict voting access for constituencies that have traditionally voted Democratic in the past.

The Republican Party is compromising the system of free elections for a man who could not win back his original support from America after four years in office. They are placing loyalty to a single individual above loyalty to the Constitution. The fact that Cheney has stood by her guns and been punished for it should be a red flag for everyone.

As it stands, the Republican Party’s undying support of the former president of the United States is a danger not only to members of Congress who do not pledge their support to Trump, but also it is a danger to the integrity of the entire American system.

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