Mexico sets an example for the U.S. with abortion ruling

This month, Mexico’s Supreme Court voted to decriminalize abortion in the country. This historic decision revokes a law that punished women with up to three years in prison for having an abortion including cases that involve rape. 

This incredible decision is a huge win for women’s rights, not only in Mexico but for women across the world in developed and underdeveloped countries. This decision is important not only because abortion should be legalized for all cases against any pre-existing conditions because there is no reason women should not have the right to choose; but also, because Mexico has one of the largest population of Catholics in the world. 

Catholicism is notoriously against abortion and other sexual freedoms that are socially acceptable, which have created a disconnect between older generational laws and the current times in our society. 

Mexico has made the decision to get with the times and give their women their liberties as citizens of the world. 

This decision should force lawmakers in the United States to look at themselves in the mirror. They continue to fail us repeatedly, and the latest example comes from the delusional state of Texas, which has passed a law in which a citizen could sue a woman, potential transporter and doctor for being enablers in an abortion. Even pregnant rape victims in the great state of Texas cannot seek help without the risk of being sued.  

Lawmakers in conservative states misrepresent the true ideology of the majority of the country. And their lazy excuse of abortion being against their religious practices is not only shallow and outdated but it has now been gutted as one of the most religious countries in the world just opened its eyes and respected women’s bodily autonomy. 

Mexico, a country that these same old, conservative lawmakers and supporters see as inferior and beneath them as people, have now set a standard that states like Texas cannot and will not reach. 

We as an entire country should be embarrassed of ourselves for allowing women to continue to suffer in the so-called greatest country on Earth.

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