Students need to follow guidelines to stay in-person

After a year of virtual learning, the University of La Verne is able to return to in-person classes this semester. But in order to stay in person, we all need to follow the University’s COVID-19 guidelines.

The University of La Verne has reached a vaccination compliance rate of 80% and housing, athletics and College of Law has reached more than 90%. The University goal is to reach 100%, and in order to be safe, we need everyone to be vaccinated, unless they have a legitimate medical exemption.

The University is asking students to wear masks at all times regardless of vaccination status, indoors and outdoors. But so many students on campus have not been vigilant in doing so. They are not wearing their mask all the time, or their masks are not covering their noses, which defeats the purpose of wearing a mask.

Students are asked to try to social distance but are not always following through. Distancing can be difficult in some classrooms on campus, but in the common areas outside of class there is plenty of room to avoid crowding together. The temptation is strong to stay close to friends, especially after a year and a half of isolation. But the risks are still there.

As a University, we do not want to risk a COVID outbreak that could force another campus closure and make everyone go back to learning online. We are glad to be on campus in person but we must enjoy the freedom of this college experience responsibly.

Please wear your mask at all times, wash your hands frequently, social distance as much as possible and limit outside visitors to campus.

If you are sick, you must stay off campus, or remain in your dorm room. If you believe you have come in contact with someone who has COVID-19 or believes they have COVID-19, fill out a Novel Coronavirus Information Form.

Off-campus students who test positive for COVID-19 must self-isolate and not return to campus. On-campus residents must be isolated in a designated isolation room. Students must allow at least 10 days with no symptoms and have received a written clearance to discontinue isolation from the COVID-19 compliance officer to be able to return.

Staff who test positive for COVID-19 must also self-isolate and not return to campus until 10 days with no symptoms have passed. Staff must also receive a written clearance to discontinue isolation from the COVID-19 compliance officer to be able to return.

Leos – this is our community. Let’s work together to continue being in-person so we do not have to go back to online.

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