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Enough excuses, it’s time to get vaccinated

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University of La Verne students, faculty and staff – if you are not yet vaccinated, please stop making excuses and get vaccinated so we don’t have to worry about another shutdown.

We are finally getting the real college experience. We do not want to go back online and deal with wifi complications, loneliness, depression, and an overall inferior learning experience. 

We enjoy being in the lounges, playing pool or video games with friends.

Faculty and students enjoy the dining hall to eat with their peers and have a great time. This is what we have to lose if we are back online.

In California, as of Oct. 14,  60% of people are fully vaccinated, with about 73% having at least one dose, according to the Mayo Clinic

California is in 16th place for vaccination among states across the nation. 

In the city of La Verne, 70% of residents have at least one dose, in Los Angeles County it’s 78%, according to the Los Angeles County Public Health Department

Thanks to the Delta variant of COVID, if we are to reach herd immunity and knock the virus out in earnest, we will need to be 90% vaccinated. 

That may not happen nationwide, but lets get there — and beyond — here at ULV for everyone’s health. 

By getting the vaccine, you will probably never get COVID-19, and if you do, you will still be largely protected from the worst of the disease. 

Some people experience mild side effects after the shot, such as fatigue or headache, which last no more than a few days. 

The only way to get COVID is if  being exposed to someone who has the virus, which is spreading rapidly by unvaccinated people.

By getting vaccinated, you reduce your chance of getting severely ill, dying from COVID-19, being hospitalized, or spreading it to someone else  – someone who is immunocompromised  – you may inadvertently kill. 

If you’ve already had COVID, you still need a vaccine. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, people who have had COVID and remain unvaccinated are twice as likely to catch it again than people who are vaccinated.

Just because you are young and healthy does not mean you cannot get very sick from COVID. As of Sept. 29, the group most heavily hit by COVID in the United States are young people between the ages of 18-29, with nearly 7.5 million cases since the beginning of the pandemic, according to Statista.

As Leos, we need to help the community stay safe and healthy. We need to be fully vaccinated for this to happen. 

University of La Verne residents are having a great time living on campus and getting to hang out with their roommates, being out in the lounge watching movies, or just playing games. As long as we continue to do it responsibly by getting vaccinated and staying masked, there’s no reason we can’t continue to do it.

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