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Travis Scott must be held accountable for ‘Astroworld’ incident

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Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” performance in Houston resulted in tragedy. There were multiple incidents that occurred at the concert on Nov. 5, such as people trampling over each other, guests passing out, injuries and even deaths.

Not once did Scott try to stop the concert to help those injured.

What we know is that there have been 10 confirmed deaths as of Sunday, while countless were left injured or fighting for their lives. Since that night, a criminal investigation has been launched into the event and multiple lawsuits have been filed against Scott and the promoter, Live Nation Entertainment.

USA Today revealed findings from an 11-page log written by the firefighters that were there. The notes revealed that the festival began with crowds rushing over barricades and trampling other guests.

With 50,000 guests in attendance, one would think that security and safety protocols were the top priority. However, USA Today obtained a 56-page operations plan that went over casualty incidents, as well as what to do in the event of an active shooter, bomb threat, severe weather and more. Yet, there was no protocol for a crowd surge, which is what should have been the first consideration in a crowd of that size.

Chaos ensued when the concert began. Guests crowded towards the stage with no regard for others.

Finally, when people started to pass out, a few of the guests frantically tried to seek help. Footage has been released of Scott seeing someone passed out and resuming the concert, saying, “Y’all know what you came here to do.”

Kylie Jenner, Scott’s girlfriend, attended the concert and viewed it from the back of the arena where she had a clear view of the crowd. She posted videos of the concert where paramedics were seen in the middle of the floor tending to guests.

Scott and Jenner have claimed to have no knowledge of the incidents that took place until the concert was over. Yet, how did they miss the sight of the paramedics’ flashing red and blue lights or the cries for help once the music was stopped?

While multiple lawsuits have been filed against Scott and the promoters of the show, people are questioning whether Scott can be held responsible for the way his audience acts at a show. The answer – he absolutely can.

Videos of other celebrities handling similar situations in the past have surfaced on TikTok and other social media platforms after the Astroworld events. Each of them seemed to handle their concerts’ incidents better than Scott did.

In one video, singer Adele stopped an entire concert of 95,000 fans in Sydney, Australia, once she realized that a fan suffered a cardiac arrest.

Singer Harry Styles paused a performance to ask if a fan was all right into the microphone.

Rapper Logic stopped his concert to alert his security that two fans in the audience passed out.

Scott could have easily stopped the performance once he realized that fans were passing out or being injured. Many of those who attended the concert have taken to TikTok to share their horrific experiences, with some of them even witnessing fans’ deaths.

Scott released what seemed like a scripted apology video on Instagram where he seemed emotionally detached from the tragedy.

The bottom line is Scott can and must be held accountable for what ensued at the festival. While he is not the only one responsible, there was plenty he could have done to try to control the crowd or offer aid to those in need. There could have been better security in place once 50,000 tickets were sold to control the entrance into the festival, that way the trampling could have been prevented.

Astroworld was a horrible tragedy, and Scott needs to be held responsible.

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