Artificial intelligence gets endowed professorship

Pedro Isao Mori
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne has received a $1 million from the Fletcher Jones Foundation for an endowed professor of artificial intelligence. 

The University introduced an artificial intelligence concentration to the computer science major in fall 2021. 

“To provide the best services to our students, we are hiring an expert… in the field,” Seta Whitby, professor of computer science, said. 

The concentration with the new position make the University the only Southern California university with an artificial intelligence program. 

ULV President Devorah Lieberman said it is important to listen to industry’s wants and needs.

“We have a great opportunity to upscale our students to go into the artificial intelligence and cyber security industry and be very successful,” Lieberman said.

Lieberman said she hopes the endowed position will be filled by fall semester. 

Ismail Abdullah, sophomore computer science major, said he believes this program will open doors for students. 

“There are fields that … require some knowledge about AI,” Abdullah said. “Having a concentration is the beginning for a more dedicated learning about the topic.”

Gabriel Palacios, freshman physics major, said he was also excited to hear about the AI program and position. 

“I think an expert in AI could be a good addition to the professor that we have,” Palacios said.

Despite only taking computer science classes as an interest – not a major – he said that he would be interested in taking AI classes should the option become available to him.

Whitby said that students who are interested in an AI concentration can submit a request via the office of academic advising. The office can be reached at 909-448-4510 or at

Pedro Isao Mori can be reached at

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Pedro Isao Mori, a freshman journalism major and business management minor, is a staff writer for the Campus Times.


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