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Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I believe it’s time for all of us to rise in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. The blatant, unprovoked and savage attack on that nation is reprehensible. Seeing the Spirit of the Ukrainian people is enlightening; we have people here who feel their freedoms are being destroyed because they are asked to wear a mask and become vaccinated; they have 70-year-old people enlisting in the military to protect their homeland. I think that says something about both our nations. And who’s to say that Putin, if he’s successful in Ukraine, won’t attack the U.S.? The entire world other than Russia and some demented Cult members in the United States are condemning these sick, murderous activities. Where do you stand? As Thom Hartmann says: “Tag, you’re it.”

Dan Kennan
Adjunct Professor of Sociology

Dan Kennan



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