Bedroom pop artist vibes at sold out concert

Hien Nguyen
Arts Editor 

A fashionable crowd of Gen Z gathered in the equally hip area of downtown Pomona to catch Filipina-British act Bea Kristi, known by her stage name beabadoobee at the Glass House on April 25.

Many concert goers were spotted in earth-toned outfits with distressed tights, low rise cargo pants or Y2K grunge style tops– a nod to the London-based singer’s own style.

The sold-out Monday show had fans lining up as early as noon in hopes of getting a front row barricade spot to catch the Filipina hitmaker rock out on stage. 

By 7 p.m. when doors opened, the line of excited concert attendees waiting to enter the venue was stretched all the way down the W. 2nd Street block and wrapped around the corner.

Attendee Juliette Escalante shared her excitement to see beabadoobee live for the first time while standing in line and said she’s been a fan of hers for three years.

Escalante opted for a pair of athletic shoes for maximum comfort despite them clashing with the aesthetic of her grunge outfit. 

“I didn’t wear Doc Martens tonight so that I can jump and be comfortable,” said Escalante.

Another attendee Beverly Rubiop of Modesto brought a bouquet of flowers and shared that she wanted to throw them up on stage for beabadoobee throughout her set.

“I tend to bring flowers for artists who play at smaller venues,” said Rubiop.

Immediately after entering the venue, fans lined up to buy merchandise of performing artists from the second floor balcony of The Glass House before the show began

The energetic excitement echoed throughout the wooden concert venue structure when opening act Luna Li graced the stage.

Luna Li started the night off with a handful of original songs, including tracks like “Alone But Not Lonely” and “What You’re Thinking” off of her debut album “Duality” that was released this past March.

Decked out in Luna Li merchandise, attendee Zek Ibe drove all the way from Los Angeles to see the singer whom he discovered during the pandemic on TikTok.

Ibe shared that he had never been to Pomona until this concert and is excited to see Luna Li perform songs that he has not seen live at previous concerts of hers.

“I’ve been to Luna Li concerts before so I want her to perform songs she hasn’t yet, especially tracks from her recent debut album like ‘Boring Again’ and ‘Magic’ tonight,” said Ibe.

Luna Li transported the audience to a state of tranquility and into another otherworldly universe with her dream pop sound and airy vocals.

During one of the performances, she encouraged the crowd to hold hands with the person next to them and meditate on the rhythmic instrumentals that she played on her violin.

Toward the end of Luna Li’s set, beabadoobee made a quick appearance as the two performed their duet titled “Silver Into Rain” that was met with enthusiastic screams from the audience. 

At intermission, the people in the crowded pit cooled down with water bottles that were passed out by the venue’s staff to ensure everyone stayed hydrated.

The heat didn’t stop attendees from having a good time and immediately dancing as the night’s main act beabadoobee came on stage and opened with “Worth It” from her 2020 album “Fake It Flowers.”

Throughout the night, she strummed her guitar to the bedroom pop hits and alternated between slow songs and more upbeat tracks.

Attendee Anthony Nguyen of Irvine said he prefers songs that are more fast-paced.

“I liked ‘Talk’, ‘Cologne’ and ‘Together’ because I like songs with higher energy and a catchy beat that I could dance to,” said Nguyen. 

The singer made small talk with the audience between songs and also shared that she was feeling under the weather after performing at the Coachella music festival just a day before.

Despite not being at her best condition, beabadoobee continuously entertained the audience with almost no breaks in between performances and did not disappoint fans as they were seen enjoying themselves throughout the night – swaying to the music, nodding their heads, jumping in small groups and making heart gestures with their hands for the singer.

Attendee Ariana Nava of Fullerton is a frequent concert goer and was upfront at the barricade the whole night to watch the concert.

Nava said she only knew a couple songs from beabadoobee but queued in line with her friends who are huge fans of the singer.

“I listened to a lot of songs for the first time tonight and they were really good live,” said Nava. “The performances were definitely enhanced with live instruments too.”

The adoring audience exerted their final energy to sing along as beabadoobee ended the night performing fan favorites “Coffee” and “Cologne.”

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Hien Nguyen, a senior journalism major and psychology minor, is arts editor for the Campus Times. She has previously been a staff writer.


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